4 comments on “Long Island Medium: A Tall Story

  1. If someone claims to be a “psychic” the first question I ask them is, “what’s the winning numbers for the next lottery drawing”.

    Now, to be quite honest, I despise “psychics”. They literally play and pray on a person’s emotions by telling them about “personal” information that would apply to most people in the first place to open them up, and then use that opening to get more information from the person they are giving a “reading” to (although the person usually gives it to the “psychic” subconsciously) and therefore the “psychic” has more material to use.

    • LOL! I agree with psychics and the lottery. When is the last time you saw a newspaper headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”? No psychic prediction of 9/11, the Haiti earthquake or the Japan Tsunami.

      I’d like to call them all frauds, but i think that would imply they are aware psychic ability doesn’t exist. I think their are psychics who genuinely believe they have psychic abilities and they can talk to the dead.

      • People like that are usually mentally ill… or maybe have been stuff like that for so long they have convinced themselves they might really have psychic powers…

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