Photos of Apollo Mission Flags on Moon: Yep, We Really Did Go There

The Color of Lila

Okay, all you the-moon landings-were-faked conspiracy nuts:  now we have photos taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing the flags that the Apollo astronauts left behind on their moon landings.

NASA has a nice web page explaining the science that debunks the conspiracy nuts, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  Then again, conspiracy nuts are notoriously committed to their world views and will go through any number of mental contortions to maintain the fantasy.  So… perhaps these photos are themselves faked.  The LRO is a fake, too.  These scientists were bought off, or threatened, or they aren’t really scientists at all, but shadowy agents of the Big Gummint Conspiracy Department.  Or we have made contact with alien life forms, and asked them to go put these flags up on the moon so someone here on Earth could “discover” them and boost the credibility of the moon mission.


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