2 comments on “Top 10 Interesting Questions About Aliens

  1. Sorry, I’ve got to challenge you on the rationale that alien life would be even vaguely human shaped. Even on Earth, where we’ve all evolved from the same ‘root’, you’ve got to say that something like a cuttlefish is not even vaguely human-shaped, and yet they have been proved to have a surprising degree of intelligence.
    I’ve always found the assumption that life has to come from a planet like Earth a little narrow anyway – but perhaps that just goes for life we’d recognize.

    • I would agree with you 100%. I think this belief in humanoid aliens is rooted in our narcissist human nature. We even want our gods to be in our form. Wait til we find out our gods and our extraterrestrials look nothing like us – we’ll suffer an identity crisis. :)

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