One comment on “Do Ghosts Exist?

  1. What if you could match a physical event that happened and the same event would repeat itself in which a person has actually passed before or the event that caused the event repeated itself? I want everything debunked. In comparison Myth Busters said it is impossible to rotate so many times around a swing set, but what if you, yourself, had actually rotated around the swing set that many times? This is why it is tough to prove things because even if one little thing is off it can change the question of is it possible to why did it fail? They did not have the right circumstances to recreate a person going and having enough momentum to rotate around the swing set. I also do not recommend it as it made me very dizzy considering I was using an old metal swing set a few years ago and I also do not weight much. I weigh in the range of 120-147 lbs. max last I checked. I am not sure of my age then, but I was very skinny. To reproduce the effect also would require the same momentum and other effects or something to give enough kinetic energy to rotate that many times.

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