2 comments on “What has the 9/11 Truth Movement really done? – The Soap Box

  1. The so called ‘9/11 truth movement’ certainly has a lot to answer for. They’re rapidly running out of credibility even among those who question the official story. They couldn’t make themselves look any more ridiculous if they tried.

    They have taught an entire generation that the way to get to the ‘truth’ is to decide what the ‘truth’ is first and then cherry pick any information which seems to back it up (disregarding all the rest). This is how religion works, not science!

    The proper (scientific) way to get to the truth is to start looking at the *evidence* first and let the evidence tell you what happened. You can’t start accusing the government of a crime if you can’t even describe what the crime is!

    They keep talking about thermite and controlled demolition but there is no EVIDENCE for it. The twin towers were built in the Hudson river 70ft below the water table (reclaimed land). There was a concrete wall which created a ‘bathtub’ around the WTC foundations which also enclosed the PATH underground train station. If the towers had been blown up and collapsed down to the ground they would have damaged this ‘bathtub’ and the water would have got into the underground network and flooded Manhattan. Each tower weighed 500,000 tons. There’s no way a million tons of steel and concrete could have collapsed down onto the bathtub from up to 1/4 mile high without breaching it.

    Also there was not enough debris to account for a controlled demolition. Note the picture of the ambulance parked at *street level* just in front of the remains of WTC1. It is not crushed or buried under 500,000 tons of collapsed steel and concrete. It is not even dented.

    There was over 500 miles of steel members in each tower including 70 miles of chunky steel box columns made from steel up to 5″ thick. Control demolition works by cutting these support members allowing gravity to pull the building to collapse down onto the ground – in which case we should see a debris pile well over a hundred feet high, using the very conservative estimate of one foot of debris per floor (for 110 floors). Instead we see that the debris pile is barely above the level of the lobby. All we can see is a few bits of aluminium cladding, a bit of steel and loads of dust and paper.

    We also know that 14 people survived inside the core of WTC1 (in ‘Stairwell B’). They were not burned, crushed or buried. The truthers say the towers collapsed down on top of them (controlled demo) but this is impossible. Each of the 110 floors weighed 4500 tons. If these floors had collapsed down onto them they would have been buried under 500,000 tons of rubble. Instead when the dust had cleared they saw sunlight stream in from above their heads, and some of them climbed out by themselves. One of the survivors, Jay Jonas, said words to the effect of “Hey guys, there used to be 106 floors above us, now I can see blue sky – where did the building go?”

    The seismic signal also did not reflect two 110 story buildings crashing down to the ground and bizarrely lacked S and P waves. The signal for WTC7’s rapid demise (230,000 tons, 47 tories) was barely discernible from background noise.

    This all falls under the category of *physical evidence*. As are the shocking photographs shown here.

    The so called ‘9/11 truth movement’ makes a point of ignoring all of it and pushing a bunch of ridiculous, unfounded, evidence free (and evidence contradicted) and totally unscientific theories instead.

    After more than a decade, we can only conclude that that relentlessly promoting a bunch of ridiculous theories until 9/11 loses all credibility is precisely their intention.

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