36 comments on “The Batman/Sandy Hook Delusion

  1. Delusion is believing either of these “shooting” stories actually took place. Nobody has died in any “mass” shooting, that is shown on tv and conpiracy sites put on a perpetual loop of brainwashing, ever. People need to shut off their tv’s, and the internet if they believe any of the fake reality they’re fed as real “news”.

    I bet you won’t allow this comment either. As usual, a shill site with 5% truth, the rest is garbage.

      • What are the mathematical odds of sandy hook appearing on that map, not only of every other name but any fictional name they want like gotham, that’s so close to impossible its astonishing

      • That’s because it is mathematically impossible.
        I really do not know what is more foolish: Believing in conspiracy theories,
        or believing in stupendous “coincidences”, the likes of which defy logic and reason.

        I think to say that the systems of control and the rich elite should not be subjects of our suspicion is a very, very naive viewpoint Mason. It’s almost like you never attended highschool History class.

        • What is mathematically impossible? That the name “Sandy Hook” would appear on the Batman map and also be the name where a shooting occurred?

          Nearly 5,000 locations in the New York area have the name “Sandy Hook” (click image for larger view) –

          Sandy Hook NY

          More than 5,500 locations in the CT area have the name “Sandy Hook” (click image for larger view) –

          Sany Hook CT

          Explain to me again why it’s impossible for a movie map (based on NY) to have the name “Sandy Hook” AND a crime in CT to occur in a location containing the name “Sandy Hook.”

          One thing about conspiracist types, their egos are completely out of control.

          They really believe themselves to be the enlightened ones, the bearer of truths and secrets the rest of the mortal world could only hope to understand and possess one day. But in the meantime, thank goodness we have brilliant people like you to educate and awaken us – to show us the error of our ways, to SAVE THE WORLD! Thank you.

          Seriously, had you not recognized the impossibility of this situation, what chance would you have had to flex your mental might and show the rest of world you are special? You had to say this situation was impossible – your ego demands it. If it WEREN’T impossible – if it were a coincidence – you would lose your special place in the world.

          Please, remain special. The world needs the entertainment.

  2. Interesting site, but you’re not that smart ;0), we r growing in numbers by what we believe, after all that we have seen and been told, and they (our beliefs), are very much so becoming stronger and are thusfore becoming a reality to fear, bc reality has summoned our beliefs… you can say anything at this point, “they sky is blue”, but, if i believe it is red, then, by God, it “is” red. Good luck with your persuasion and influence… Religously, it truely means rat terds… but i will be dropping by from time to time!

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  6. I think motivition to look at facts is a problem and one reason why this country is whacky.

    The reason it’s named on the map is most likely beause the property master who worked on the film (think…props) was from Newtown CT. He died recently in a car accident.

    • yeah that just makes it more crazy he died and was reported to be in stable condition after the accident. http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Newtown-man-dies-in-Stamford-accident-3465225.php also when I was in college an ex CIA director of operations made many statements about movies relaying political messages. He specifically talked about red dawn made in the 80’s where we were invaded by nicaragua who most people never heard off then a few months later we were at war with them. Oddly Red Dawn has been redone with North Korea being the enemy so let’s see what news we hear about North Korea in the near future now that Kim Jong Ill died.

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  8. People do this because they’re programmed to seek meaning in confusing or unrelated events. We do it when we look at random clouds and see bunny rabbits. Our brains just can’t deal with something that doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, paranoia fed by sensationalist media creeps in, and some people take it to the extreme.

    Add that most people are so conditioned to simply take what they’re fed in small digital bites without any real fact-checking, and you get ridiculous stuff like this.

    I think there’s probably a lot we don’t know by necessity (i.e. classified defense plans and the like), or simply because we don’t need to. But I doubt very much Hollyweird is in on any of it.

    • I forget who made the analogy (it was probably Michael Shermer) who said our brain has a built-in balance scale where we weigh cause and effect. If the effect seems to heavily outweigh the cause, the brain wants to ad weight to the cause in an attempt to balance out the scale.

      The JFK assassination is a good example. JFK was charismatic, larger than life, an icon, Camelot. He was murdered by a nobody using a $12.78 rifle ordered through the mail ($21.45 with the scope and postage). For some people this put the cause-effect scale out of balance, they needed to add some weight to the cause side of the scale. Presto! We get a heavy conspiracy theory. Something big enough to put the scale back in balance.

      9/11: 19 men with box cutters caused such an extreme amount of devastation it threw people’s cause-effect scale completely out of whack. Their minds simply rejected reality, they said, “19 men could not have caused so much devastation” – it just didn’t add up for them – and so conspiracies were created to balance the scale and explain the effect.

      And so, in the mind of a conspiracist, the bigger the effect, the bigger the cause (the conspiracy) must be.


      • You just used a scale as an analogy for the human thought process, as a way to explain what you deem “irrational thinking”. Am I the ONLY ONE who sees the irony in this?
        The human thought process that is so complex, abstract and unquantifiable, that not even science, on the most quantum level, has an explanation, or even a theory.

        And do you see how influenced -your- thinking has become?

        • I don’t think i used someone else’s scale analogy to explain irrational thinking as much as i was using the scale analogy to illustrate how the brain seeks causes and effects of equal proportion (or weight).

          If you are told a lion was killed by an inch worm, the cause doesn’t seem to equal the effect. This perceived imbalance is what would motivate our brain to find a more “weighty” cause – a cause that equals (or balances with) the effect (the lion’s death).

    • Again the “official” version is lone gunman. Yet in 1970’s after re-examining the evidence congress determined that it was highly likely that Oswald did NOT act alone.

  9. “The more outre and grotesque an incident is, the more carefully it deserves to be examined.”

    “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

    “Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent. We would not dare to conceive the things which are really mere commonplaces of existence. If we could fly out of that window hand in hand, hover over this great city, gently remove the roofs, and and peep in at the queer things which are going on, the strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the wonderful chains of events, working through generations, and leading to the most outre results, it would make all fiction with its conventionalities and foreseen conclusions most stale and unprofitable”

    “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

    “You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.”

    “When once your point of view is changed, the very thing which was so damning becomes a clue to the truth.”

    “What is out of the common is usually a guide rather than a hindrance.”

    “We must look for consistency. Where there is a want of it we must suspect deception.”

    “Presume nothing.”

    -Food for thought from Sherlock Holmes

  10. It isn’t the recurrence of the name Sandy Hook, so much as the fact that it is the ONLY legible word in that specific frame, genius. Additionally, there is a shot in the movie with a neon sign that reads “Aurora Theatre” which is, coincedentally, the name of the theatre wherein the infamous “Batman Shooting” took place.
    Remember that guy who claimed to be a fan of the Joker? Why the fuck would he dye his hair red, then? Any true fan of the Joker knows that his hair is, in fact, green.
    Why the sudden drug abuse? Why the sudden divergence from a very straight life? The list goes on.

    I never claimed to be a conspiracy theorist. Your mind must be playing tricks on you.
    I simply said that it is naive to trust systems of government, if history has told us anything, it is that. A government should be afraid of its people, not the converse.

    You fear our government. I do not. That is where we are different.

    • (Clue: Look up the words “aurora” and “new york city”.)

      You have a series of coincidences and unanswered questions. That is all.

      Rather than endlessly hunting for anomalies, has anybody tried to find the people involved with the movie to ask them why they used those names? Didn’t think so. Why? Because in the world of conspiracies, questions must remain unanswered for there to be a conspiracy. In cases where questions are answered, conspiracists simply seek out more unanswered questions to keep their delusions alive.

      Unanswered questions does not equal a conspiracy.

      • The problem is that Information is purposefully barred from us, on all fronts.
        Having to resort to websites like Wikileaks JUST TO FIND OUT what our military is truly up to, is grounds enough for a conspiracy, simply because it is unconstitutional for that information to be withheld in the first fucking place.

        You do have a genuine point. Unanswered questions may not equal a conspiracy.
        The issue is that all we have in this nation are a series of unanswered questions.

        In court, if I knew I were innocent, I would do everything in my power to bring that to awareness. I would present facts, and I would back up my testimony/alliby with hard evidence. That goes without saying. If I were guilty, I would just be grasping at straws.

        Speaking of courtroom analogies, and grasping at straws:

        Obama getting caught in yet another goddamn lie.

  11. I would enlighten you as to specific examples throughout U.S. history; but quite frankly, at this juncture, I’m convinced that your ignorance stems from an obtuse -unwillingness- to learn, rather than inability, because you seem quite intelligent otherwise.

    • My observations of these very glaring coincedences are of a purely dubious nature. I am simply entertaining the idea and keeping my mind open. I’m not going to start stockpiling or “prepping” any time soon, so you can take your psychological profiles and shove ’em.

      Peace bitch.

  12. See the top person who responded first is faced with the real truth and still calls it’s lies,like the creater of Batman is gonna contribute to a cover up,get real.

  13. Lol someone who’s last name is Bilderberg is really trying to say the Sandy Hook conspiracy is really happened LOL. Sorry mr. Bilderberg. The masses are waking up ;)

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  15. Inept debunking is hardly helping us reassure the masses that nothing untoward is going on. Quite the opposite. We are cutting your funding and sending you back to the salt mines.

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