One comment on “‘UFO’ Videotaped From Airplane: What Is It? : Discovery News

  1. I don’t buy the reflection theory. The top of the window angles inward so the light would have to be below the level of the camera. Look at the level of his index finger and its reflection at 0:27 seconds. The reflected finger is higher than the finger. If the overhead light first bounced off something from the row in front, like an iPad screen propped up on a food tray, it would work but the seat in front of him is blocking that path. To me it looks like he placed his hand far enough forward to block a reflection.

    The uploader has since commented this was during the approach to Chicago, which would have been flight 1186, not flight 3475 like he originally said, so my “Dry Moon over Houston” theory I posted on Doubtful News is shot to hell.

    Here’s the last 20 minutes of the actual flight path of SW1186 on 19 Dec 12 in Google Earth format:

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