8 comments on “Tesla Debunked: Debunking the Tesla Myth

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  3. You may have “debunked” inventions, but not his ideas nor what he stood for. And that is why he has such a huge following these days.

  4. Only in your own mind did Nikola Tesla invent the transformer or the loudspeaker, Faraday’s induction, etc … Nobody on the entire planet ever made these claims other than yourself, you big dummy.
    However, Tesla did invent the AC motor, and improved the AC generator. He discovered the carrier wave principle, co-discoverer of Rontgen waves, and many other things.
    He experimented with single wire transmission lines, and wireless energy transfer, he claimed to work with longitudinal electric waves, “the true wireless”. The secret and mystery of Tesla is explained by finding the physics background of longitudinal ‘aetheric’ (electric) waves. Nowadays such theories exist, despite of the”claims” by “scientists” that such waves are “unphysical”. Physics is most of all an experimental science, and absurd qualifications like “unphysical” are in direct contradiction with the experimental character of physics. In other words, the cult of Tesla is completely justified.

    • Cite sources and explain clearly or get out. I’m tired of reading garbage information from garbage people.

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