8 comments on “Alex Jones’ uncontrolled explosion on Piers Morgan

    • Did you see his comments after his crash and burn with Piers Morgan? Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/b2t42ob

      Highlights of his delusions:

      • he expressed his fear that he would be harmed by the New York Police Department or members of the mafia hired by NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

      • said that he was accosted by a member of the NYPD moments before he entered CNN headquarters in New York City. He said one plain cloths police officer in particular confronted him in a threatening manner. “They’re like cops from the movie Good Fellas,” Jones said.

      • “If you don’t know that Bloomberg is total mafia, you’re on another planet,” Jones said. “They’re thugs. I know what they are.”

      • “If something happens to us, or we’re killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or mafia they hired,” Jones added.

      • “This city runs white slaves, that’s sex slaves, out of here all day,” said Jones. “This is mafia central.”

      Nobody discredits conspiracists better than the conspiracists themselves. I love this guy. :)

      • Actual comment on a Skeptics group I belong to on Facebook: Jones made the strongest argument yet for both strict gun control and vastly improving mental health care.

    • What’s the Facebook group? I’d like to check it out. And i agree … Jones didn’t do the gun rights movement any favors. If there really is a NWO that wants to confiscate our guns, i think Alex Jones works for them. :)

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