3 comments on “Scientific evidence that you probably don’t have free will

  1. Free Will exists – I just exercised it by sending this e-mail to the recycle bin.

    Jeffrey xxxxx & Vineyards xxxxx Web: xxxxx.com   E-mail: jeff@xxxxx.com

    Cell: xxxxx  Fax: xxxxx

    Wheatland Ferry Hotline: xxxxx

    >________________________________ > From: Illuminutti >To: xxxxx@yahoo.com >Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:37 AM >Subject: [New post] Scientific evidence that you probably don’t have free will > > > WordPress.com >Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB) posted: “By George Dvorsky via io9.com Humans have debated the issue of free will for millennia. But over the past several years, while the philosophers continue to argue about the metaphysical underpinnings of human choice, an increasing number of neuroscienti” >

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  3. But, Dear Jeffrey, did you notice that you decided to send it to the recycle bin BEFORE you thought to do it? Your thought was truly an “after-thought” – as science now shows that all our thoughts are. What actually happens, happens before we think about it. Our thoughts merely reflect what we see happening around us, and then the thought comes “I thought that and then I did it” – but that is only a thought. Think about it.

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