3 comments on “Snopes.com: Sandy Hook Hoax Video

    • It’s almost as if they need to make it as complex as possible so they can show the rest of the world how incredibly brilliant they are for figuring out the maze of crazy they themselves are creating.

      How to be a conspiracist: create an incomprehensibly complex alternative reality out of benign facts, patterns, anomalies and/or random acts of chance. Declare you are the only one who knows what your reality means. This will demonstrate your brilliance. You have then earned the right to call the rest of the world sheeple and shills for not understanding your creation or asking you to discuss reality.

      • There is much lying and deception at Sandy Hook–the above is propaganda and a smearing of the facts. There was much more going that the governments is hiding and the majority of Americans know what our fraudulent P.D. and FBI are capable of doing with news media courting the mascarade all the while. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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