4 comments on “False Flag Attacks: Myth and Reality

  1. There have been water leaks all around my neighborhood in the past few months, including one yesterday. It must be the result of false flag attacks!!! I mean, there’s just no way that 80 to 90 year old water pipes would just burst on their own…

  2. Free energy devices aren’t real phenomena? Tell that to Dan Nocera at MIT. His team invented an artificial leaf that turns sunlight and water into oxygen and hydrogen potentially for use as fuels. More information here… http://bitly.com/15QpG4Y So, unless you specifically mean free, free energy devices you seem to be wrong.

    We all know there are no truly free, free energy devices but there are certainly devices that convert one type of energy to another; solar cells come to mind. Are they free? No, but once purchased they can be used to convert sunlight to electricity effectively for free.

    I live in a rural desert area and some of my neighbors are “off the grid” using solar energy to power their homes. Their systems weren’t “free” but the energy they are using is.

    I therefore conclude your statement about free energy devices is incorrect as are several other points in your “False Flag” article.

    • I think the article refers to free energy machines (i may be wrong, i would have to re-read it), also known as perpetual motion machines. They simply can’t exist.

      The kind of free energy you’re talking about (like solar cells) is not “free” in the sense they can’t output more energy than is put in by exposure to solar energy: Energy input will always be greater than energy output. If by “free” you mean as measured against dollars spent, then yes, solar energy is free (minus the cost to manufacture, install and maintain), just as the ancient Egyptians discovered when they first built sails to harness the “free” energy of the wind or created the components of watermills to tap into the “free” energy of moving water.

      The perpetual motion machine is a common staple for conspiracists who claim the technology to make such a device is being withheld or suppressed by the [insert the name of a secret society or one world government entity] so that big oil and big corporations can continue to make profits and keep us all enslaved by debt. So the author of the article is basically saying this conspiracy idea of suppressed technology is bogus because the technology can never exist.

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