2 comments on “10 Fascinating Facts About The Real Dracula

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  2. Do research outside of google u.s. and interenet half trueths and exagerated lies. I happen to be a relative of Prince Vlad and know that none you have written is true or full truths. If interested…even the pic you used is not a real rendering of him it is hungarian by the hungarians . He actually looks very different. Sad what folklores will do to a young man who suffered with a rare disorder kind of like severe lupus and needed extra protiens….have you heard of blood pie from black birds…well thar my friend was a source not humans. He also had to use the only fear tacktic to ward off invading ottomams in 200,000 to bis 10,000 friends family and millitary….he took dead people from the recent imvasion and impaled them to put fear in the enemy
    If stopped the ottomins from malimg the world Islamic in 1400’s….you have your own religion do to him and we were born in a christain family of draculesti and house of Bassarrab. Research please before you help lies in history continue. We are a good family who fell from Kingdom rule based on theft, muder and lies

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