12 comments on “What is a Sheeple?

  1. At times you are brilliant and other times utterly ridiculous. Speeple is a term used by any rational being describing idiots that blindly follow anyone, never questioning the info nor the motive behind-the-scene. If there were a better description for idiots, the writer would use it. Unfortunately our government and these sheeple leave themselves wide-open.

    Still think you will get it one day.


    • Calling others “sheeple” is very condescending and implies that you and your beliefs are the only ones that could be right and true. It reflects arrogance. When conspiracy “theories” are involved, there is often conflicting evidence and no definitive proof in one direction. People who use the term “sheeple” are following yet another crowd or “herd” of people who distrust the media and have their own collective viewpoint. How many of them witnessed any of their beliefs firsthand? The world is never exactly as we see it because perception is skewed. At the same time, the world is exactly as we see it because perception is all we experience of the world. I also find it amusing that one commenter chided the author for having only 2 followers. Some of us are comfortable having opinions without a crowd of followers to validate them.

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  11. Keep up the good work there pal with your 2 followers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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