9 comments on “More Fukushima Scaremongering Debunked

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    • I don’t know. I really don’t think the video provides enough information to draw any conclusions – especially if he’s trying to tie his information to Fukushima.

      I did notice in the opening seconds of the video he had this logo:

      … immediately setting off my conspiracist alarms.

      I suggest going to RadiationNetwork.com where they monitor nationwide radiation levels in real time (updated every minute). The information at RadiationNetwork.com doesn’t support the assertion being made in the video. In fact, the information at RadiationNetwork.com shows “normal” readings everywhere else around the country.

      Besides showing “normal” levels throughout the country, RadiationNetwork.com points out the multiple sources of radiation: “environmental radiation from outer space as well as from the earth’s crust and air.” Not to mention there are two nuclear sites within Missouri where this video took the readings.

      Like i said, the maker of thie video doesn’t provide enough information, especially considering his information is not corroborated by the information at RadiationNetwork.com.

      If the readings are not fudged (the video could have been shot over a 20 minute period but edited down to 10 minutes) (he divided the results by 10), the maker of this video has a long road to hoe proving the only source must be Fukushima – especially given that the rest of the country is comfortably within the “safe” levels.

      My opinion.


      • No problem. I was thinking more along the lines of replacement of items that are beyond their service life, in someplace like the underground city (Arkansas/Colorado?), where the executive branch, legislative branches, and judiciary branch, would run to, along with pages, secretaries, mistresses/fags, wives/spouses, families, all to be safe while everyone pays the piper for the government’s Bad Faith.
        There are only 700,000 issue units requested and the underground city fits the bill, closer. If it were the general civilian population from the Mississippi River to the Pacific, they would nee over 200 million units.
        I guess the conspiracy people are at work trying to make some kind of issue out of nothing. They should get lobotomies.

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