5 comments on “Dowsing (a.k.a. water witching)

  1. This really works. I know how to do it and it is not hard to learn. I have no idea of why it works but suspect flow, is the secret. I use hedge clipping and is not ferrous but when the clipping dries out, it no longer works. A Portugese man taught me how to douse as they do in Europe.

  2. Even though there are the expected (so-called) “skeptics” (I call most of them deniers as true skeptics have an open mind to question everything) who will deny dousing as anything more than pure fiction, We do have a few folks who some may call “water-witches”. Having a better than 98% accuracy in locating the best spots to drill water wells, these folks have been in business for many years, and are still thriving!

    This activity also seems to be related to “psychometry”; The reading of energy impressions left upon an object that was handled by another. (Done a little bit of that myself.)

    Very interesting subject.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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