2 comments on “The Conspiracy That Isn’t: Debunking Chemtrails

  1. I remember first reading about chemtrails and thinking doesn’t make any sense from so many different angles yet I found myself afterwards noticing for the first the amount of persistent trails there where overhead n think ‘come on, there can’ t be anything in it can there??? ‘ basically because all of a sudden all vapour trails looked out of place, so much larger than the oft quoted 20 times the planes length as the absolute maximum size of a contrail and my memory of seeing jetliners flying overhead as a wee kid never had long contrails behind them.
    Every sane and sensible bone in my body cried bullshit but those trails i was suddenly looking at just weren’t acting how they should…… and hows that because i hadn’t given the a second look in 35 years lol.

    Then it hit me, long persistent contrails much much longer than the supposed 20 plane lengths are nothing new at all and there are 100s of iconic photographs of aeriel combat from WW2 with extensive trails.

    Being from the US you probably imagine I’m referring to those images of 100s of B-17s high over France and Germany which equally prove the point but it was actually those images of the cloudless bright blue skies over southern England in the summer of 1940 utterly criss-crossed with vapour trails… not oil clouds or smoke from burning planes being shot down but probably the most identifiable and evocative tell tale sign of the dogfights playing out in the deep blue canopy above as the history the Battle of Britain raged on.

    Now there isn’t a conspiracy theorist in the world who’ll convince me that those fighter pilots aswell as fighting for their lives and the very real fate of their countries were also spraying chemtrails aswell because if they weren’t then there are countless photographs from 1940 where you see a sky full of trails although the dogfight that produced them is long over.

    It is almost emblematic of the Battle of Britain, large persistent vapour trails covering the skies of southern England, it’s as much woven into the fabric of it as the Spitfire, Me109 or RAF fighter pilots driving red MG TAs with their loyal dog beside them….. it’s part of the collective memory because it happened, irrefutably with volumes of film and photographs to prove it so as I say either Chemtrails have been around since at least 1940 or vapour trails that stretch across the sky and last for hours are a normal artifact of avaition engines afterall.

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