Debunked: ChemTrails and ChemClouds

Are chemtrails and chem-clouds real? The evidence is examined.

Click here for a very high quality copy of this video and a link to the 1905 book “Cloud Studies”.

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5 comments on “Debunked: ChemTrails and ChemClouds

  1. How funny!! Thanks for sharing. The sounds of static throughout – am I supposed to believe that there is static on my DSL line? I played a youtube movie concurrently with your video and there was no static. Oh, you kidders, you.

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  3. Cleverly edited vintage footage shows close ups of contrails, giving the impression that the vapor trails FILL THE SKY, which of course they DO NOT! Why no wide shots with tic-tac-toe patterns from all those years ago? Why? Because they have none! Debunked my BUTT!

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