David Icke: Methods Of A Madman

Some people would call David Icke controversial. I would call him a brilliant psychotic.

His ability to speak for hours on an incomprehensible doctrine is stunning. But listen carefully and the methods of his madness become apparent.

He has a brilliant talent for the subtle interweaving of plausible with crazy, and packaging the in-between gray areas as thought-terminating clichés like “secret societies”, “brotherhood”, “free masons” and other slogans and catchphrases popular with modern conspiracy thinking.

The magic is in his ability to dispense seemingly innocuous tidbits of (allegedly true) earth history one moment, then slipping in talk of aliens crossbreeding with humans the next moment. Talk sane, touch on some crazy, go back to the safety of sane. Rinse and repeat until the listener can swallow the crazy with the sane.

This ability to subtlely slide in and out of the realm of plausible is the same potent cocktail used by science fiction writers to blur the lines between the possible and the impossible to keep viewers coming back for more.

This 25 minute video has been distilled from a 217 minute video. I’ve removed the plausible to expose the rest. Enjoy.

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

Click here for a very high quality version of this video for download and redistribution.

More David Icke on iLLumiNuTTi.com.

Keywords: Alien-human hybrid, Aliens, Annunaki, Conspiracy, David Icke, New World Order, Secret Societies, YouTube, Secret society, Conspiracy theory, human reptiles, reptilian aliens.

16 responses

  1. Remember when Icke first outed himself and his beliefs, having been vaguely aware of him as a BBC sports journalist (though I’m not a sportsfan myself). Find it hard to believe he’s still going, let alone a former member of the Green Party. Forgive me for not viewing the clip; sadly I don’t need convincing.

    1. The clip is rather long. It’s more for people who have never read his material or heard him speak insane before. The scary thing is, he has made a comfortable living all these years peddling alien-human hybrid theories. I didn’t realize there were so many other loons in the world. :)

      1. Well I see you have been over to Rigorous Intuition so your loon count has probably tripled.

  2. […] David Icke: Methods Of A Madman […]

  3. Neil Armstrong the first human on the moon ( spell backwards) Alien!

    1. LOL! THAT is excellent! You now get your conspiracist certification. :)

  4. everything can be mind control……oooohhhhh ……maybe U ? spoooky ! ………

    1. The human brain is very susceptible to suggestions and misinterpretations.

  5. Funny how people can be so affraid that they even create a website to protect their dogmas. You don’t have to wake up, but don’t try to block others waking up.

  6. I love David Ickes he is so funny. When I am in a boring conversation I want to end I discuss reptilians.

  7. I love David Icke. When ever I am in a conversation that I want to end I bring up reptilian people.

    1. I’ve run into a couple of David Icke believers. I always ask them if they believe in the human-alien reptilian hybrids. I don’t go any further with them until they answer that question, because EVERYTHING in Icke’s arsenal of crazy is contingent on the existence of these reptilian people.

      So far, not ONE Icke believer i’ve encontered will admit they believe these reptilian people exist.

  8. David Icke was right, he speaks the truth, you are the liar, you are a lanat to the human race, ufos exist, debunk the tinley park case you dajjal, may lanat always be upon your already dead soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. […] David Icke: Methods Of A Madman […]

  10. Leave us Reptilians alone….. all we want is to enslave you humans and secure you as a food source for petes sake !!!

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