This is How the New World Order Works

logo 02_200pxHello initiates and welcome to module one of the Illumicorp video training course. I would like to officially welcome you as a member of the team.

You’ve joined our organization at perhaps the most exciting point in our long history. Our founders shared a passionate dream. To transform this country, and eventually the whole world to one cohesive organization.

This presentation is designed to enlighten you about our organization’s goals and achievements. As your guide, I will help to answer some basic questions you might have about Illumicorp, and familiarize you with the valuable role you will play in helping us reach our prime objective. So please, take a tour with me as we march together towards an exciting new world.

Start this video to continue your training:

Click the image to download the official course booklet (PDF) containing very important additional information.


Click the image to download the official course booklet (PDF) containing very important additional information.

16 comments on “illumiCorp

  1. I firmly believe in illumicorps. And I would love to be contacted by any member to learn more even
    if the person remains anonymous. Now I know what the OWO is and what the NWO is about. I will
    greatly appreciate if any member would reach out to me and instruct me in further Education con-
    cerning illumicorps and my position within the fraternity. However I truly appreciate having found
    illumicorps. Thank you.

    • You don’t know what your getting into, your going to seel your soul to the devil…..the repurcussion are going to be huge for you…….run mate while you can, get as far away from these people. The Bible stated that these people who thing there higher then everyone are going to be put in a cage and God is going to give them to the devil. People believe that there is this war between God and the devil, well there’s not, the devil works for God, he ahd given him free reign to a point, but sometimes Satan goes to far and God will command him to “step back satan” People believe there is a war between the two, far from it, Satan is terrified of God, but God hads given him a task that will be done……and we have only ourselves to blame, we all think were God’s now and turned our back on the real God….well he’s going to teach us a lesson

  2. Hello my name is Blade Johnson i am 15 years of age and think its great what youre doing. I would greatly appreciate if i can join you. Please contact me.

  3. mmmmm okay???

    I’m assuming this is a spoof and a parody of every NWO and Illuminati conspiracy going because it hit on every cliche that has become the stocking trade of every believer who allows the paraniod and irrational voice in his head airtime on his keyboard ….. the hosts black eyes and the almost plasticky, synthetic texture of his face,a nod and a wink to Icke’s reptillians and/or corporate America……

    ……as a spoof I give it 8 out of 10,well done and great attention to detail but firmly from the Conspiracy Theorists Little Book of the Illumati lol.

    …….. if this was genuine and i’ll be perfectly honest I’ve only just watched it and have taken it as a spoof video that either you did yourself or found online but you never know it may be real and Illumicorp an actual organisation, afterall there’s nothing that states it’s origin either way in this post (which surely answers the question by itself, you’ve not cited any person, website,referenced any article or credited an outside source…… in fact just seen the caption under pdf download about important additional info where no doubt you’ll let the cat out the bag n this comment will suddenly appear foolish but heyho I’ve started so i’ll finish it, poat it anyway then read that info lol).

    …… As I was saying I’m assuming the video isn’t real but if it was then I’d give it, i don’t know…. 4 out of 10 at best cos it really does hit every tired old NWO cliche although in a slick looking,very corporate ad kind of way…. was half expecting him to rip his suit n shirt open then shout out camera you want abs like these then you need the whatever whatever fitness programme and/or latest exercise aid :)

    In other words if this was produced by the ruling elite,the very cream, the pinnacle of human society I’d have expected something a little more sophisticated and original than corporate style in house video that most of us would nod off to when we’re made to watch one at work…. as a spoof it’s an 8 or even a 9….as a recruiting tool for the real illuminati come on guys is that the best you can do, in fact i’m lowering my rating to a 3 out of 10!!!!!

    What worries me more are people who have watched it and want to sign up, desperate even. Are they watching the same video I did??
    Never mind what they think about the general population, forget about the satan shite people always warn about with them…. do you really believe, if this was real that they’d value you in anyway either your born into it or not and if you’re not then your either a tool to be used or a useless eater,thats it.

    …….can’t help thinking I’ve seen that guy presenting it before somewhere maybe he just has one of those faces :)

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