5 Weapons People Think are Great for Fighting Zombies, but Really Aren’t

Thanks to the movies, there are a lot of weapons that most people think are great for killing zombies, but in reality, they really aren’t that useful for killing zombies at all.

So now, here is a list of five weapons that people think are great for fighting zombies with, but really are not:

5. Shotgun

While most people believe that the shotgun is the best gun to use against a horde of zombies, in reality, it actually isn’t.

A shotgun might be effective at close range, but at a distance, or if you’re using bird shot, it isn’t that effective.

Shotguns have a more limited range then rifles, plus, shot scatters, so if a friend is a middle of a zombie horde, you could hit them and either kill them, or cause them to get eaten. Also, because of the scattering effect of shotgun shot, you might not even hit the brain or brain stem of a zombie. Then of course there’s bird shot, which might not even be effective at all against a zombie.

4. Axe

A lot of people might think that an axe is a good weapon to use against a zombie, but because the best way to kill a zombie with an axe is either with an over head swing, or a side swing to the head, it might not be the most effective melee weapon you can use.
Beside the fact that you could easily injure yourself if you miss hitting a zombie with an axe, you could also get your axe stuck in a zombie’s head, costing precious seconds, and if you’re battling a zombie horde, you may not have that much time. Also, because you have to swing an axe, you can leave yourself open to attack.

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  1. I loved this post! Thanks.

    1. I liked this one myself. 🙂

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