Sky News: ‘Magic’ log found in Cambodia

A ‘magical log’ in Cambodia is receiving up to 2000 visitors a day, each hoping to gain some good fortune.

The log was dug out of a pond on a farm in the Pursat province of the country and measures about 13 metres long, Reuters reports.

Word of its ‘magic’ has spread across the country, with visitor numbers increasing dramatically each day.

Some people rub talcum powder on the log, and try and read lottery numbers in the residue on their hands.

Others hope it will bring miracle medical cures.

‘I have pain in my belly, knee joints and all over my body, so I came here to use the holy water and take pieces of wood to put in my drinking water, to treat these kinds of diseases,’ Bou Sang, a resident of nearby Battambang province told Reuters.

Another Battambang province local, Nem Nay, explained to Reuters why he believed the log was magical:

‘What I think is, why does this log not rot, even though it stayed underground for over a hundred years? It is still in such good state, unlike some metals, which would have rusted if it stayed underground for that long. I have never seen such a well-preserved log before, so when I heard the news, a group of villagers and I came to see it straight away’, he said.

There have been no reports of any ‘magical’ results.

Keep Reading: Sky News: ‘Magic’ log found in Cambodia.

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