Ghost Box Hoax Box

By via NeuroLogica Blog

The subculture of pseudoscientific ghost hunting continues to evolve. Have you heard of a “ghost box?” It seems all you have to do is put the word “ghost” in front of something and it becomes technical jargon for ghost hunters, and also a great example of begging the question. A cold spot in a house is therefore “ghost cold.” An electromagnetic field (EMF) detector becomes a “ghost detector.” And now a radio scanner has been rebranded as a “ghost box.” Of course no one has ever established that any of these phenomena have anything to do with ghosts, so they are putting the cart several miles ahead of the horse.

A more scientific and intellectually honest approach would be to declare such phenomena as anomalous (although I don’t think that they are). Ghost cold would more properly be termed anomalous cold, or a regional cold anomaly, or something like that. One hypothesis for the alleged cold anomaly would be some sort of supernatural entity (call it a ghost) that acts as a heat sink generating cold spots. First, however, researchers should endeavor to find a mundane explanation for the cold. In fact before declaring it an anomaly they should thoroughly rule out any possible explanation. Only when that has been adequately done would they have a tentative anomaly.

It would then be reasonable to generate a hypothesis as to what is causing the anomalous cold, but such hypotheses are only useful if they lead to testable predictions. If the regional cold anomaly phenomenon is the result of “ghosts”, then what might we predict from that and how can we test it?

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  1. Dave G. from Ct | Reply

    I’ve experienced strange stuff and on the fence about ghosts etc. but I agree that the shows want to find some ‘evidence’ so people will watch. The electronics in use don’t make sense to me. A laser grid…..really….ghosts have solid mass?….I doubt it. Rem pods etc…..they can be picking up cell phone frequencies or other transmitters etc. The ghost box is interesting but ….naw. I was watching a show yesterday and they explained that it’s scanning several radio stations…..then a garbled voice came on and they were all over it……wait….wasn’t that a radio station, which the ghost box is designed to detect? Also all the poltergeist activity shown is always after the fact. I haven’t seen any real video of chairs flying around and cabinets opening and closing. I wish they WOULD find some real evidence but haven’t seen any so far in my opinion. Still entertaining to a point.

  2. I love it when the shows cite scientific research or the term scientific proof.

    The ghost box and the sensory deprivation/ESP whosywhatsit is just a load of lets toss a bunch of foolish acts onto t.v. and call it evidence of haunting.

    I really liked the first season of Ghost Hunters because they went in and said “not haunted” and showed how cold spots, creaks and lights/orbs were not haunting but proved as drafts, pipes and light reflections. Then ratings were poor and they took the way of every other show and called every cob web and eye matrix scientific proof and watched the money roll in and bought a hotel to do it live for guests.

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