Martian Sighting? Strange Pics From Mars Rover Explained


Over the last couple days, UFO enthusiasts have rallied behind pictures of four orbs that were taken by NASA’s rover “Curiosity” on Mars. But as many of these UFO stories often come to pass, a reasonable explanation has been cited and it could be one that has even caused problems for photographers here on Earth. It’s called “dead pixels.”

The Washington Post reported the group Alien Disclosure Group believed that photos beamed back from Curiosity earlier this week could possibly have captured four flying saucers. They put together this video with all the image and it enhanced with different filters:

Gizmodo describes out what is being seen here …

Keep Reading:: ‘UFOs’ in Curiosity Picture Caused by ‘Dead Pixels’ According to Experts | Video |

2 responses

  1. Isn’t it interesting that UFO sightings have dramatically decreased now that everybody has a camera with them..

  2. Funny that older photos of UFOs had that classic aluminum/steel appearance. As technology improved they began to have the more hi-tech lights and dark aerodynamic style, now because there is a simple classic style image of who knows what everyone is thinking aliens have gone retro.

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