Bigfoot Sighting in Washington State

Video and narrative courtesy ledouxtube:

While visiting my family in Washington state, my brother and I were taking turns riding my parent’s quad. He came back claiming he saw bigfoot. I thought he was making it up until we played back the video. I don’t know if someone was in the woods messing with us or something, but whatever it is freaks me out!

via Bigfoot Sighting in Washington State – YouTube.

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  1. It sucks that someone would do that to you. Huffington Post needs to correct themselves. Now, as for the bigfoot in the video, I feel you and your brother have been hoaxed. The movement looks way to human, plus almost appears like he’s hiding in the shrubbery and waiting to jump out at the right moment.

    1. Agreed and when compared with the shrubbery looks far too short. Will say I do love that full on retreat hehe. When in doubt get the fug out

  2. I think you and your brother have been hoaxed, Ryan. The movement looks way to human. Plus stuff like this has happened before

    1. Haha, yea. If it was a hoaxer, it’s too bad something like that didn’t happen to them (maybe not the dying part though).

  3. The Huffington Post has credited this video to the wrong person. HowTo101Channel stole this video from my YouTube channel, “LeDouxTube”. I have filed a copyright claim with YouTube, which resulted in the video being removed from HowTo101Channel. Additionally, I notified The Huffington Post of their error, but they have ignored my e-mail and continue to post a blank video with incorrect information. If you would like the address to the original video and true story of what happened, you can find it here: Thank you.

    1. Well that sucks! I’ve had videos stolen off of my YouTube channel, i know what it’s like. Anyway, i made corrections to the post here at iLLumiNuTTi. If you want anything else changed just let me know. – Mason I. Bilderberg 🙂

      1. Yea, it’s really frustrating. If this really is Bigfoot, it’s no wonder why we haven’t caught him yet. People like HowTo101Channel, The Huffington Post, ABC, etc has everyone searching in the wrong place! Thank you for setting the record straight, I appreciate it.

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