Roswell? No. Close? Maybe…

by via Mysterious Universe

Is this a real UFO?

Whenever anyone wants to talk about a reported UFO crash outside of the United States, it always seems to be touted as the “British Roswell,” the “Canadian Roswell,” the “Australian Roswell,” the…well, you get it, right? Yes, I know that whatever happened outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, it was an event of deep significance. I know! I really do! But, can we please stop with the Roswell comparisons just once in a while when discussing other alleged UFO crash cases?

I hope so, since I have one to tell you about that very few will have any awareness of. Yes, it’s intriguing and notable. Yes, it caught the attention of the U.S. military. But let’s not get over-excited and loudly proclaim it as the next Roswell, just because that’s what is usually expected. And with that said, here’s the story…

A multi-page document, prepared by the 468th Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC) detachment of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), describes an intriguing event that occurred in the River Lagarfljot, Iceland in August 1954. The paperwork in question, declassified under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, and available for scrutiny at the National Archives, tells a notable story.

Not real. Held up by a string.

According to the Air Force’s files, shortly before 9.00 p.m. on the night of August 24, 1954, a fast-moving, low-flying, dark-gray colored and cylindrical-shaped UFO was seen in the vicinity of Egilsstadir by an individual at Hjardabol, a farm located near the junction of the Lagarfljot and Jokula Rivers, in North-eastern Iceland. The event would probably have been dismissed, for lack of evidence, particularly since it took the witness a full week to summon up the courage to tell the authorities, were it not for one startling aspect of the story.

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