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Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

This commercial reveals more truths about how psychics work than maybe the creators intended. Enjoy 🙂

Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who can read the minds of, and divine specific personal information about, people he has just met. This video reveals the magic behind the magic. Will you be amazed?

via Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’ – YouTube.

Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up

By via

LAS VEGAS — Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt accused the federal government of a UFO cover-up that involves a secret agency to deal with what might be extraterrestrial visitations.

“I’m firmly convinced there’s an agency, and there is an effort to suppress,” Halt told an audience of 200 people Saturday night at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum.

Two former Air Force officers who were part of the infamous Project Blue Book — the military’s official UFO investigation in the 1950s and ’60s — and a former investigator with Britain’s Ministry of Defense were among the panel of speakers for a program entitled “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed.”

Halt, pictured below, was the deputy base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and one of numerous eyewitnesses to several UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. He believes the observed UFOs were either extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin.

“I’ve heard many people say that it’s time for the government to appoint an agency to investigate,” Halt said.

“Folks, there is an agency, a very close-held, compartmentalized agency that’s been investigating this for years, and there’s a very active role played by many of our intelligence agencies that probably don’t even know the details of what happens once they collect the data and forward it. It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

“In the last couple of years, the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were or heard anything about Bentwaters officially? When the documents were released, the timeframe when I was involved in the incident is missing — it’s gone missing. Nothing else is missing,” he said.

Halt added that he’s never been harassed over the reports he made about the Bentwaters UFO incidents.

“Probably for a couple of good reasons. Number one, my rank and some of the jobs I’ve held, but also very early on, I sat down and made a very detailed tape and made several copies of everything I know about it and they’re secluded away. Maybe I’m paranoid. I don’t know, but I think it was time well spent when I made the tapes.”

While the lecture panel members didn’t always see eye-to-eye on the details of specific UFO cases, one common thread ran through them. (More . . . )

The Perfect Prediction Scam

via The Skeptic’s Dictionary

This scam involves making a series of opposite predictions (on winners in the stock market, football games, or the like) and sending them to different groups of people until one group has seen your perfect track record sufficiently to be duped into paying you for the next “prediction.”

For example, Notre Dame is playing Michigan next week, so you send 100 letters to people, predicting the outcome of the game. It doesn’t really matter whether the recipients of your letter are known to bet on college football games. The information you provide will stimulate some of them to want to bet on the game. You name your letter something swell like The Perfect Gamble. In 50 letters you predict Notre Dame will win. In the other 50 you predict Michigan will win. You write a short introduction explaining that you have a secret surefire method of predicting winners and to prove it you are giving out free predictions this week. Notre Dame wins.

The next week you send a free copy of The Perfect Gamble to the 50 who got the letter that predicted a Notre Dame victory. In the introduction you remind them of last week’s prediction and you inform them how much they would have won had they followed your advice. To show there are no hard feelings and to give them one more chance to take advantage of your surefire system you provide—free of cost—one more prediction. This week Notre Dame is playing Oregon State. You divide your list of recipients and you send 25 letters predicting Notre Dame will win and 25 predicting Oregon State will win.

After the second game, you will have 25 people who have seen you make two correct predictions in a row. Three correct predictions in a row should convince several recipients of your letter that you do have a surefire way to pick winners. You now charge them a substantial fee for the next prediction and, if all goes as planned, you should make a handsome profit even after postage and handling costs.

Since you are a crook for running this scam, you won’t feel guilty in promising the prospective suckers their money back if not completely satisfied with your predictions. Your hope is that they will be greedy and say: “How can I lose?” You needn’t remind them how. You might even be able to rationalize your behavior by telling yourself that they deserve to be scammed because they’re so greedy!

For different audiences, you can pretend to be a psychic or an astrologer or a mathematician or a gambler who knows how to fix college football games. If you are cheating the gullible as well as the greedy, you may be able to convince yourself that you are performing a beneficial service to the community by cheating these people out of their money. You might persuade yourself that rather than try to put you in jail for being a fraudulent scammer, society should give you an award for reminding people to use their common sense and critical thinking skills.

A variant of the perfect prediction scam is used by some psychics. If you tell enough clients “someday you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams,” then if one of them inherits a great sum or wins a lottery, you may get credit for being psychic. (More . . . )

What really happened during the Philadelphia Experiment?

By Keith Veronese via

Popularized by the 1984 film, a bizarre low-budget sequel, and a 2012 Syfy channel movie, tales of the Philadelphia Experiment involves covert U.S. Navy operations that led to time travel, teleportation, and mangled flesh.

According to urban legends, two separate and completely different Philadelphia Experiments took place. Both, however, involved the same vessel, the USS Eldridge. What happened in each of these alleged experiments, and what evidence is there to support the rumors?

Two separate sets of bizarre events make up the “Philadelphia Experiment.” Both revolve around a Navy Destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, with the events taking place on two separate days in the summer and fall of 1943.

In the first experiment, an alleged method of electrical field manipulation allowed the USS Eldridge to be rendered invisible on July 22, 1943 in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The second rumored experiment was the teleportation and small-scale time travel (with the ship sent a few seconds in the past) of the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Norfolk, Virginia, on October 28, 1943.

Horrible tales of mangled seamen and sailors stuck within the metal of the USS Eldridge often accompany this experiment, with the USS Eldrige reappearing seconds later in the waters around Philadelphia. Recitation of the events surrounding the second Philadelphia Experiment often include a cargo and troop transport vessel, the SS Andrew Furuseth. The lore of the second experiment claims those on board the Andew Furuseth viewed the USS Eldridge and it’s crew as they teleported into Norforlk momentarily before the ship returned to the waters of Philadelphia. (More . . .)

UFOs: What the Hell?

via Mysterious Universe

In a world filled with terrorism, Middle Eastern wars and skirmishes, disturbing changes in weather patterns, apocalyptic tales of the Mayans and 2012, and Hollywood’s ongoing obsession with “end of the world”-type movies – check out ContagionChildren of Men; Knowing; Dawn of the Dead; The Happening; and 28 Days Later as just a few examples from the last 10 years – it’s hardly surprising that people might be tempted to look to the stars for salvation.

In other words, if we can’t help ourselves, maybe “the aliens” will do a better job. Of course, people have looked for advanced, outside help ever since the era of the UFO was born in the summer of 1947. The problem, however, is that our call has not been answered. At least, not yet it hasn’t. But, some say, maybe that’s about to change – but not in ways most might imagine or hope for.

Indeed, it seems that even the world of Ufology has been bitten by the Armageddon bug. An increasing number of people are coming around to the idea that, while there does appear to be a very real UFO phenomenon, it may not be what it appears to be. According to some, it may prove to be our very worst nightmare.

Put simply, there is a growing belief and acceptance that rather than having alien origins, UFOs are – quite literally – demonic. That’s right: Satan’s Saucers. And, the small, black-eyed, domed-head aliens that have become such an integral part of Ufology, on-screen science-fiction, and popular-culture, are nothing less than deceptive demons preparing the way ahead for the final battle between good and evil, the rise of the Antichrist, and the enslavement of our very souls. (More . . .)

How New World Order (NWO) predictions work – The Soap Box

via The Soap Box

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists who every year make claims that the New World Order (or the NWO for short) is going to take over the country, and then the world.

Here is how they tend to come up with these dates:

First, they find a date where something important happens.

Alternatively they just make up a date and claim that it is when the NWO is going to take over. The reason usually behind this is that they believe that the date has some significant importance with the occult and Satanic beliefs.

Second, they make a claim of a “triggering event”. It’s usually something that is very destructive and would force the government to declare martial law, such as a massive terrorist attack, a nuclear explosion, a pandemic, etc.

Alternatively, they will claim that the United Nations will take over, or the European Union, or some other foreign body.

Third, when the prediction fails, they will usually forget about the prediction, and never mention it again. They will then most likely go on and make a new prediction.

Alternatively they will claim that because of their “warning” people became more alert, so the New World Order scrubbed their plans and set a new date.

Now many of you are probably thinking that this is kind of simplified, but in reality this is how many of these date specific predictions (not just New World Order predictions) work: Make a best guess date, claim what the trigger will be, nothing happens, repeat the process.

A recent example of this would be the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. (more . . .)

Voices From the Shadows: The Voice Phenomenon of Parapsychology

Jan 30, 2012 | | Mysterious Universe

While in recent weeks stories of “mystery noises” filling the air have captured the attention of many, sometimes the less easily discernible sounds around us could hold the key to unraveling strange secrets of time and space. This is particularly the case with Electronic Voice Phenomenon, also known as EVP.

I’ve always been fascinated with EVP personally, because unlike a number of other elements that are often associated with paranormal research, there seems to be a long history of interest in the recorded sounds of inexplicable voices that have provided tangible proof, according to many, that something strange is indeed going on. But if claims of EVP can be believed, what is the real basis for the phenomenon; how does it occur, and what, if anything, can we hope to learn from it?

Interest in electronic means of gathering voices of unknown origin dates back to the early days of electricity and its use in powering devices within the home. Thomas Edison was even asked whether popular spiritualist practices might be further augmented with the use of sensitive recording equipment that could discern the soft voices of the deceased. Edison agreed that doing so might present a more plausible approach to studying parapsychology of the day, as opposed to the sorts of table-tapping and séances that were so popular around the turn of the last century. This acknowledgment of the “spirit potential” likely contributed to the sense that Edison himself might have attempted to build such a device, though there is little evidence that this actually occurred.


In all likelihood, if EVP does exist, it is capable of being recorded via of one of just a couple of processes. One possibleway this is achieved is by the recording of sounds that may be sub-audible to most natural human hearing; in other words, while an individual with very acute hearing may do better in terms of detecting such noises in real time (something which a few mediums claim to be able to do), these noises would remain almost inaudible to the average listener. (more . . .)

Dare you create your tombstone?

Here is an interesting website where you can create your own tombstone! What do you think? Do you dare create your own tombstone? Have fun 🙂

H/T: Richard Wiseman.
Create a tombstone at Tombstone Generator

Saucers of the Sea

by via Mysterious Universe

… when seeking the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, perhaps we should be looking under the oceans, rather than into the skies. Or maybe both. Whatever the case, there is an undeniably huge body of data on record of UFOs seen hovering, and flying, over the oceans and/or coming out of them. Here’s just a couple of many examples from my files…

Nineteen sixty-six saw an unusual event occur at Pasajes, Northern Spain that caught the attention of the British Ministry of Defense. From a radio officer attached to the S.S. Patrick M. Rotterdam, came the following: “Perhaps the following will be of some interest to you or Jodrell Bank. Whilst at Anchor at Pasajes, North Spain on 22 April at 2100 Bst in a very clear sky, one of the crew noticed a bright patch in the sky and drew my attention to it. It appeared stationary and squarish, the area being about 4 times the size of a full moon. Several of the crew watched, being interested and of course at anchor, there is very little to do.

“The patch elongated and became brighter and to our amazement a complete ring, similar to pictures of flying saucers, bright and distinct with dark centre. For several minutes this object remained visible then returned to a patch, receding elongated again. Then it branched out to form a letter M. When the ring was clear it was about [the] same size as a full moon. We know it was not the moon because the moon was in another quadrant and lying on back at [the] same time. The patch receded away into distance. I can assure you none of us were drunk.”

In this particular case, a conventional explanation seems unlikely.

Keep Reading: Saucers of the Sea | Mysterious Universe.

Alex Jones Syphilitic Brain Rot

It’s been a while since i posted something from my favorite moron, Alex Jones!! Enjoy 🙂

Alex Jones Syphilitic Brain Rot

via Alex Jones Syphilitic Brain Rot – YouTube.

Psychopaths Have Poor Sense of Smell, Study Finds

Megan Gannon via LiveScience

New research suggests we may be able to sniff out psychopaths by their poor scores on a smell test.

In the study, psychologists at Macquarie University in Australia tested the noses of more than 70 college-age participants, all without criminal records. The researchers had the subjects try to identify common odors (like orange, coffee and leather) and distinguish between different scents.

The participants then were given personality tests to check for their level of empathy and psychopathic tendencies. For example, the subjects were asked to rate on a 5-point scale how much they agreed with statements such as: “I purposely flatter people to get them on my side;” “People sometimes say that I’m cold-hearted;” and “I have broken into a building or vehicle in order to steal something or vandalize.”

Psycopathy is a personality disorder marked by superficial charm, a lack of empathy and impulsive tendencies.

The researchers reported a correlation between a poorer sense of smell and psychopathic personality traits.

They say this makes sense because previous research has shown that people with such traits have decreased function in the brain’s frontal lobes, a region associated with impulse control and acting in accordance with social norms — and dysfunction in that part of the brain is associated with an impaired sense of smell.

Keep Reading: Psychopaths Have Poor Sense of Smell, Study Finds | LiveScience.

The Conspiracy – Official Trailer (2012)

“Throughout history men have been trying to conquer the world – from Alexander the Great to Napoleon to Hitler. If anyone thinks this time we live in is any different I’d ask them: Which one of us is really crazy?”


Plot: A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.

Genre: Horror / Thriller
Director: Christopher MacBride
Producer: Lee Kim
Writer: Christopher MacBride
Starring: Aaron Poole, Jim Gilbert

via The Conspiracy – Official Trailer (2012) – YouTube.

Woo-Woo* and Om (Saturday Rant)

By Mason I. Bilderberg

*Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers. Concerned with emotions, mysticism, or spiritualism; other than rational or scientific; mysterious; new agey. A person who has mystical or new age beliefs.

Holy crap. Sometimes i come across stuff so … so … um … how shall i say this gently? … so STUPID i have a hard time writing about it because i’m laughing so hard.

According to the website, “The world’s biggest ever mass sound healing event is happening at wembley arena” on 12/12/12.

Right off the bat you can tell just by the date of the event this is going to be magical: 12/12/12. As woo-woo decrees: if numbers look special they are special. The date 12/12/12 looks very special, doesn’t it? Like when you’re digital clock says 11:11 or 12:34 – again, very special.

The website goes on to say:

«December 2012 is being looked upon as the time of a significant spiritual shift in the collective consciousness of the planet into this new Golden Age. That’s why 12,000 people will be assembling in Wembley Arena on 12.12.12 to experience The Big Om mass sound healing event – an event with the power at a quantum level to shift the vibration of the planet – which will be live-streamed around the world.

«The Big Om is a five hour shamanic journey lead by metaphysical guru and sound healer Barefoot Doctor, starring Basement Jaxx plus introducing some of today’s leading electronic dance music acts/DJ’s plus a variety of gurus talking over the beats, in an Ibiza-Super-Club style setting, all building to The Big Om – 12,000 people chanting the biggest Om in history, miked and fed back through the system, filtered, phased, gated, sub-bass added, electronic pulse beneath, the beat building, lights swirling over the crowd, and creating a sensation the crowd feels in its knickers, leading to a collective sound-light orgasm that makes the earth move

Oh boy! A sound-light orgasm that makes the earth move! WOW! Wait. What? What is a sound-light orgasm? Never mind, don’t be a buzz kill … OooooooooM.

Here is their promotional video. I just watched it and i already feel enlightened and special.

What exactly is “sound healing”? According to, sound healing “is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being.”

Yeah. Okay. Whatever. continues, “The intentional use of sound adds power to the conduit, whether it is through the use of an instrument or voice. By surrendering to the highest good, we ourselves become that conduit, or instrument, for peace, for healing, change, or growth.”

So what are we Om-ing about at this event? They don’t say explicitly. But given the prominent display of the Mayan calendar apocalypse theory staring back at me from the top of their web page, i can only speculate this colossal waste of Om will be about averting the December 21, 2012 apocalypse.

Lack of specific claims or purpose for events like this is not uncommon – especially in the UK where psychics, mediums, spiritualists, healers and other conjurers face prosecution if they cannot justify their claims. This is why such practitioners are careful to describe their con as “an experiment” or describe themselves as “entertainers” or they come up with lengthy, fine print disclaimers to describe themselves as something – anything – other than what they want you to believe they are.

Though the organizers of this non-event probably want to avoid guarantees and specifics because of legal liabilities, i can predict – with 100%, absolute certainty: One thing WON’T happen and two things WILL happen:

WON’T HAPPEN: The apocalypse.

WILL HAPPEN: Somebody will make a lot of money.

With the average ticket costing $80 (USD) and approximately 12,500 seats in Wembley Arena, somebody is raking in a cool $1,000,000 (USD) … and that doesn’t include what they’ll make on VIP seating packages, sponsorship deals, refreshments and sales of other promotional items before, during and after the event.

WILL HAPPEN: (After the apocalypse doesn’t happen) woo-woo practitioners everywhere will claim success for preventing a cataclysmic event.

It’s a well worn formula used in the new age, hocus pocus world of good vibrations:

1. Perpetuate something doomy and gloomy, like the end of the world. (End of the world prophecies work beautifully.)

2. Promote something new-agey as a solution, pitching your event with sophisticated-sounding, high-end woo-woo talk like this:

“On 12/12/12 at 12:12:12 AM – 12,000 enlightened souls will gather enmasse to attune to, invoke, transform and align with the pure and loving energies of our collective consciousness – and to act as a conduit for peace, healing, change and growth. By attuning ourselves to the inherently transformative powers and energies of the universal “know” we amplify and “anchor” the Earth, and the consciousness of others, by shifting the vibration of the planet at the quantum level and effecting positive changes.” (I made all that up. Pretty good, eh?)

3. When the doom and gloom fails to materialze (as expected) boast of your success!!!!!

See how this scam works? Take money out of the pockets of the gullible who give you credit for promising nothing and doing absolutely nothing.

Think about it, why are the promoters of this woo-woo fest charging people money to attend? If they really believe their own crap, they have exactly 9 days to spend their money before the apocalypse. I ought to attend this thing and ask for a refund on 12/22/12.

Conspiracists are also known for pulling this same stunt. They may predict the government will begin rounding up citizens and placing them in FEMA camps, telling us “this is going to start in the next 90 days!!!” On the 91st day when nothing has changed the conspiracists claim it was because they “got the word out”, “educated the sheeple” or “exposed the ruling elite.”

If i told you the sun won’t rise tomorrow unless you stand on your head in a bowl of chili, and you stand on your head in a bowl of chili, do you credit your head and the chili for allowing the sun to rise?

This is my Saturday rant of the day 🙂

Mason I. Bilderberg

Learn to be a Psychic in 10 Easy Lessons

Psychic readings and fortunetelling are an ancient art — a combination of acting and psychological manipulation. While some psychics are known to cheat and acquire information ahead of time, these ten tips focus on what is known as “cold reading” — reading someone “cold” without any prior knowledge about them.

Click Here For All 10 Lessons (PDF)

Click Here For All 10 Lessons (PDF)

Was an ALIEN responsible for Reagan’s presidency?

Screen legend Shirley MacLaine says the actor turned politician spotted a UFO in the 1950s… and the extra terrestrial being told him to switch careers

By Daily Mail Reporter

An alien may have been behind Ronald Reagan’s becoming president, according to screen legend Shirley MacLaine.

Reagan had a close encounter of the third kind back in the 1950s when he was still an actor, MacLaine says, and the extra terrestrial being told him to ditch Hollywood for politics.

The 78-year-old, who claims to have seen many UFOs from the front porch of her New Mexico home, says the 40th President of the United States was a fellow believer.

According to MacLaine, Reagan confided in ‘I Love Lucy’ star Lucille Ball about the eerie encounter, which took place when he was on his way to a party in Los Angeles with wife Nancy.

Ball told her that a UFO landed and the alien emerged telling Reagan to quit acting and take up politics.

But Reagan wasn’t the only president who believed in unidentified flying objects, according to MacLaine.

In an interview with the UK’s The Daily Mirror, she says that President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with extra terrestrials at a New Mexico air force base in 1954.

More: Screen legend Shirley MacLaine says Ronald Reagan spotted a UFO in the 1950s… and an alien told him to switch careers | Mail Online.

Personality and Conspiracy Theories: What Your Beliefs Say About You

by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D. via Psychology Today

Personality and Conspiracy Theories: What Your Beliefs Say About You | Psychology TodayImagine that everything we think we understand about how the world works is, in fact, an elaborate hoax. Democracy is a sham designed to fool us into believing we are in control. That a small group of unknown, unaccountable elites is actually pulling the strings and pretty much deciding the course of history; everything from the world economy and the conduct of nations to the media and pop culture is under their complete control. Anyone who says otherwise has either been fooled by the conspiracy or is an agent of disinformation.

Does this seem plausible to you? Our latest test is designed to assess your belief in conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories are now a firm feature of popular culture – the recent furore around Wiki-leaks provided compelling evidence for this. But the popularity of conspiracy theorising dates back to the shocking assassination of American President J.F.K. in broad daylight and in front of dozens of onlookers on November 22nd, 1963. Immediately, many people claimed that there was more than one gunman, and conspiracy theories arose implicating everyone from the CIA to the communists. More recently, films like Oliver Stone’s JFK and T.V. shows like The X-Files brought conspiratorial themes further into the mainstream. The terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 have become perhaps the most widely debated events of the current generation. Many people doubt the ‘official’ story, believing instead that the events were the result of a conspiracy.

So, what has psychological research told us about belief in conspiracy theories? Not much. Indeed, so far only a handful of studies have looked at the personality of conspiracy theory believers. This research has found that believers tend to be lacking in trust and higher in levels of anomie – the feeling that things are generally getting worse – when compared to people with low levels of conspiracy beliefs. However, these findings show correlation, not causation. On the one hand, it may indicate that people’s conspiratorial beliefs are a result of their underlying lack of trust; people who see conspiracies behind everything are simply be projecting their own jaded view of the world onto events. Alternatively, lack of trust may follow from the perception of a conspiracy, reflecting a rational response to the reality of living in a world of conspiracy.

Read More: Personality and Conspiracy Theories: What Your Beliefs Say About You | Psychology Today.

Photo Forensics: Is The Lee Harvey Oswald Photo A Fake?

By Hany Farid via Fourandsix Technologies

Ever since the assassination of President Kennedy, numerous theories have circulated claiming that Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin, acted as part of a larger criminal conspiracy. It has been suggested, for example, that incriminating photographs of Oswald were manipulated and hence evidence of a broader plot. I have never been particularly interested in these conspiracy theories. I do, however, like that at least one aspect of the theory was testable – were the shadows in the Oswald backyard photo physically plausible or not?

A portion of the argument for photo tampering goes something like this. Consider the shadow cast from Oswald’s body onto the ground. The orientation and length of the shadow suggest that the sun is to Oswald’s left and relatively low on the horizon. The long straight shadow under Oswald’s nose, however, suggests that the sun is directly above him. These seemingly incongruous shadows have led to speculation that Oswald’s head was pasted into the scene. In fact, Oswald himself claimed that the photo was a fake and had been altered to falsely implicate him.

I thought that there was a chance that the photo was fake because it does seem at first glance that the shadows in this photo are inconsistent with one another. I also know, however, that our visual system can be spectacularly bad at judging such things as lighting and shadows in a photo.

In order to reason about the shadows in this scene we need a three dimensional model of the scene (Oswald’s head/body and the ground plane) and the three dimensional location of the sun. In general, determining three dimensional information from a single two dimensional image is an under-determined and difficult problem. Estimating three-dimensional models of a person’s head, however, is relatively easy because of the somewhat constrained and well understood geometry of human heads.

A frontal and profile view are required to build a 3-D model of a person’s head – Oswald’s mugshots were perfect for this.

Keep Reading: … Photo Forensics Software | Fourandsix Technologies – Blog – Lee Harvey Oswald.

Photo Forensics: Is The JFK Zapruder Film Faked?

Hany Farid via Fourandsix Technologies

Abraham Zapruder's Bell & Howell Zoomatic movi...

Abraham Zapruder’s Bell & Howell Zoomatic movie camera, in the collection of the US National Archives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the years there has been a handful of images that many individuals, organizations, and media outlets have asked me to analyze. One of these is the so called Zapruder film which captured the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since its release, there has been much speculation as to the authenticity of this video. Here I will describe a forensic analysis applied to one aspect of the Zapruder film that, as with the Lee Harvey Oswald photo, debunks certain claims of manipulation. (WARNING: some of the images and descriptions are graphic.)

Abraham Zapruder captured the most complete documentation of the assassination of JFK. After its public release in 1975, challenges to the authenticity of the Zapruder film began to surface.  The Zapruder film has been analyzed for evidence to support alternate theories of who and how many people were involved in the assassination. For example, it has been argued that on frame 317 (and neighboring frames) what appears to be a shadow on the back of JFK’s head is the result of tampering, purportedly to conceal evidence of a shot exiting through the rear of JFK’s head. This shot could only have come from a second shooter, as Oswald was positioned behind JFK.

Frame 317 of the Zapruder film (right: a magnified view of
JFK and the questioned shadow on the back side of his head.)

In order to determine if the lighting and shadows in this scene are physically plausible I constructed a 3-D model of the sun’s location and the relevant scene geometry.

JFK was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 at 18:30 (UTC) in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. It is an easy matter to determine the relative position of the light at this time and place. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration solar calculator, the sun’s azimuth and elevation at this location and date was 181.91 and 37 degrees, respectively.

We next need to know the angle between people and objects in the scene and the sun. At the time of his assassination, JFK’s car was traveling on Elm St. … (keep reading):  Photo Forensics Software | Fourandsix Technologies – Blog – The JFK Zapruder Film.

Photographing Levitations

Posted by Mason I. Bilderberg

This photo is NOT photoshopped.

While working on a recent post (How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?) i discovered a type of photography i never knew existed called Levitation Photography.

There are two types of levitation photography. The first kind uses Adobe Photoshop or some other graphics manipulation program to fake the effects we see. Boring.

The second kind of levitation photography is what i’m presenting to you here.

These photographs of levitations are NOT digitally manipulated in any way. These photographs were done by Natsumi Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. What you see is what Natsumi actually captured with her camera – no digital manipulation.

But how does she do it? (see additional information below the slideshow)

I found these photos absolutely fascinating and i thought you would too. Take a look and enjoy. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you wish to see Natsumi Hayashi’s full collection of self-portrait levitations (and her cat) go here. Natsumi Hayashi explains her technique here.

A photographer not associated with Natsumi Hayashi tries to duplicate her work in a YouTube video located here.


Guide to Cold Reading

By Ray Hyman via Australian Skeptics Inc

There are many people who promote themselves as psychics or clairvoyants, and who claim that their powers enable them to read your character, make contact with dead relatives, or provide insights into your life and your future.

Despite their claims, there has never been a successful demonstration of these powers in a laboratory, under properly controlled conditions. Indeed, the National Committee of Australian Skeptics offers a cash prize of $100,000 for any PROVEN demonstration of such powers. See The Prize.

By far the most common method employed by psychics who have been put to the test is called cold reading. This method involves the psychic reading the subject’s body language etc, and skilfully extracting information from the subject, which can then be fed back later, convincing the subject that the psychic has told them things they couldn’t possibly have known!

The following is our 13 point guide to cold reading — Study them well, then amaze your friends with your new found psychic powers!

1. Remember that the key ingredient of a successful character reading is confidence.

If you look and act as if you believe in what you are doing, you will be able to sell even a bad reading to most subjects. One danger of playing the role of reader is that you may actually begin to believe that you really are divining your subject’s true character!

2. Make creative use of the latest statistical abstracts, polls and surveys.

These can provide you with much information about what various subclasses in our society believe, do, want , worry about etc. For example, if you can ascertain a subject’s place of origin, educational level, and his/her parents’ religion and vocations, you have gained information which should allow you to predict with high probability his/her voting preferences and attitudes to many subjects.

3. Set the stage for your reading.

Profess a modesty about your talents. Make no excessive claims. You will then catch your subject off guard. You are not challenging them to a battle of wits – You can read his/her character, whether he/she believes you or not.

4. Gain the subject’s cooperation in advance.

Emphasise that the success of the reading depends as much on the subject’s cooperation as on your efforts. (After all, you imply, you already have a successful career at character reading — You are not on trial, your subject is!) State that due to difficulties of language and communication, you may not always convey the meaning you intend. In these cases, the subject must strive to fit the reading to his/her own life. You accomplish two valuable ends with this dodge — Firstly, you have an alibi in case the reading doesn’t click; it’s the subject’s fault, not yours! Secondly, your subject will strive to fit your generalities to his/her specific life circumstances. Later, when the subject recalls the reading, you will be credited with much more detail than you actually provided! This is crucial. Your reading will only succeed to the degree that the subject is made an active participant in the reading. The good reader is the one who , deliberately or unwittingly, forces the subject to search his/her mind to make sense of your statements.

5. Use a gimmick, such as Tarot cards, crystal ball, palm reading etc.

Use of props serves two valuable purposes. Firstly, it lends atmosphere to the reading. Secondly, (and more importantly) it gives you time to formulate your next question/statement. Instead of just sitting there, thinking of something to say, you can be intently studying the cards /crystal ball etc. You may opt to hold hands with your subject — This will help you feel the subject’s reactions to your statements. If you are using , say, palmistry (the reading of hands) it will help if you have studied some manuals, and have learned the terminology. This will allow you to more quickly zero in on your subject’s chief concerns — “do you wish to concentrate on the heart line or the wealth line?“

6. Have a list of stock phrases at the tip of your tongue.

Even during a cold reading, a liberal sprinkling of stock phrases will add body to the reading and will help you fill in time while you formulate more precise characterisations. Use them to start your readings. Palmistry, tarot and other fortune telling manuals are a key source of good phrases.

Keep Reading: Guide to Cold Reading | Australian Skeptics Inc.

Spontanous Human Stupidity

Published by via NeuroLogica Blog

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is one of those classic pseudosciences that have been around for a long time – like astrology, Big foot, and the Bermuda Triangle. I put it in the same category as the myth that we only use about 10% of our brain capacity; it’s widely believed, but no one really cares that much. It’s just something people hear about and have no reason to doubt, so they lazily accept it. I did when I was younger (in my pre-skeptical days), you hear about it on TV and think, “Huh, isn’t that interesting.”

It’s therefore a good opportunity to teach critical thinking skills. People’s brains are clogged with myths and false information, spread by rumor and the media, and accepted due to a lack of having the proper critical thinking filters in place. It’s disappointing, however, when people who should know better, or whose job it is to know better, fall for such myths.

Recently an Irish coroner concluded that a man died from SHC, and it is reported:

The West Galway coroner, Ciaran McLoughlin, said there was no other adequate explanation for the death of Michael Faherty, 76, also known as Micheal O Fatharta.


The coroner said: “This fire was thoroughly investigated and I’m left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation.”

First, let’s play a game of name-that-logical-fallacy. The core fallacy the coroner is committing is the argument from ignorance. The investigation could not find a cause for the fire, therefore here is the specific cause – SHC. The conclusion should rather be – we don’t know what caused the fire.

The coroner said the case “fits into the category” of SHC – but how?

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Talking to yourself may be a good thing


It is often said that people who talk to themselves must be crazy. This is not necessarily true as a new study has shown. Charles Choi has reported for Live Science “Talk to Yourself? Why You’re Not Crazy.” Researchers have found that talking to yourself might not mean you are crazy and that this can actually benefit thinking and perception.

Scientists have said that people often talk to themselves, with most doing so at least every few days. Many people even report talking to themselves on an hourly basis. Although the action of talking to oneself may appear to be irrational muttering, previous research has shown that self-directed speech can help guide children’s behavior. Kids often talk to themselves to help guide themselves step-by-step through tasks such as tying their shoelaces, with the self talking apparently reminding themselves to focus on the job at hand.

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How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?

by via HowStuffWorks

For more than 40 years, scientists have tried to figure out what’s causing large parts of Canada, particularly the Hudson Bay region, to be “missing” gravity. In other words, gravity in the Hudson Bay area and surrounding regions is lower than it is in other parts of the world, a phenomenon first identified in the 1960s when the Earth’s global gravity fields were being charted.

Two theories have been proposed to account for this anomaly. But before we go over them, it’s important to first consider what creates gravity. At a basic level, gravity is proportional to mass. So when the mass of an area is somehow made smaller, gravity is made smaller. Gravity can vary on different parts of the Earth. Although we usually think of it as a ball, the Earth actually bulges at the Equator and gets flatter at the poles due to its rotation. The Earth’s mass is not spread out proportionally, and it can shift position over time. So scientists proposed two theories to explain how the mass of the Hudson Bay area had decreased and contributed to the area’s lower gravity.

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Embarassing Conspiracy Theories Follow up: 9/11 Controlled Demolition: WTC 7

Embarassing Conspiracy Theories Follow up:
9/11 Controlled Demolition: WTC 7

via The Soap Box

On my previous blog debunking the belief that the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in a control demolition, I discussed how the Twin Towers were not brought down in a controlled demolition, but as the result of massive structural damage brought on by the collision of a couple of jumbo jets.

There is of course this one nagging argument that many Truthers make as “proof” that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by explosives:

The collapse of World Trade Center building 7.

The main reasons why so many Truthers (almost all in fact) believe that WTC 7 was brought down by explosives is because the building itself was not hit by any planes, and it doesn’t look damaged in many of the photos and videos of that day, and in the videos of the collapse it does kind of look like a controlled demolition to the untrained eye. Also, it is believed that the order “pull it”, which was given shortly before the building came down, is a common order that demolition experts use right when they bring down a building.

While the building itself was not hit by any planes, it was in fact hit by the falling debris from the World Trade Center towers, as was a lot of other building near the Twin Towers, and was heavily damaged, as was a lot of the buildings near the Twin Towers as well. Most people can’t tell this from looking at photos and videos of it after the towers collapsed because of all the smoke and dust. All that most people have ever seen is what appears to be an undamaged building.

In fact, it was very heavily damaged. 25% of it’s bottom floors were just gone. Added to the damage from the falling debris was the fact that the building was on fire, and that those fires were most likely fueled by the diesel generators located inside the building itself, so those fires just kept on going on and on.

After being on fire for seven hours, and having been heavily damaged, one of the steel trusses finally gave way, which resulted in … (Keep Reading): The Soap Box: ECT Follow up: 9/11 Controlled Demolition: WTC 7.

[Download a HD version of this video for reposting:]

SLIders & the Streetlight Phenomenon

Street Light Interference or SLI

By , Guide

Do streetlights go out when you pass beneath them? Perhaps you are a SLIder

A reader writes:

Around five years ago, I have noticed that at times while I am driving down the road at night a street light will go out as I am passing below it. It happens frequently and seems to be happening more.

It has been giving me the creeps. If it happened only once or on very rare occasions, I don’t think I would have given it a thought. However, it happens about once or twice a week. Could it be some electronic thing or could it be something less explainable?

The phenomenon is known as street lamp interference, or SLI, and it possibly is a psychic event that is just beginning to be recognized and studied. Like most phenomena of this type, the evidence is almost exclusively anecdotal. I have received several stories like the one above from readers.

Typically, a person who has this effect on streetlights – also known as a SLIder – finds that the light switches on or off when he or she walks or drives beneath it. Obviously, this could happen occasionally by chance with a faulty streetlight (you’ve probably noticed that it’s happened to you once in a while), but SLIders claim that it happens to them on a regular basis. It doesn’t happen every time with every streetlight, but it occurs often enough to make these people suspect that something unusual is going on.

Very often, SLIders also report that they tend to have an odd effect on other electronic devices. In letters I’ve received, these people claim such effects as:

  • Appliances such as lamps and TVs go on and off without being touched.
  • Lightbulbs constantly blow when the SLIder tries to turn them off or on.
  • Volume levels change on TVs, radios, and CD players.
  • Watches stop working.
  • Children’s electronic toys start by themselves when the SLIder is present.
  • Credit cards and other magnetically encoded cards are damaged or erased when in their possession.


Keep Reading:  SLIders & the Streetlight Phenomenon – Street Light Interference or SLI.

More Illumination on SLI

Streetlights are blinking off all over the place. But what’s the cause? Some weird psychic phenomenon? Or is there a simpler explanation for this ubiquitous occurrence?

Apparently, the street lamp interference (SLI) phenomenon is quite widespread. Last week’s article on SLI elicited more responses from readers than any other article appearing at this site. People all over the country are reporting that they are affecting streetlights. Some are saying that they are also affecting their house lights, watches, TVs, and other appliances. Others, however, suggest that there’s nothing to SLI – that its apparent effects are due merely to coincidence or explainable mechanical reasons.

Many of the responses received included the following:

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How do you know a cult is dead?

When even it’s critics feel it’s pointless to continue criticizing it.

via The Soap Box

Cults usually have two ways of dieing. Usually it’s either in some way that most, if not all of it’s members die, or, no one gives a damn about them anymore, including it’s critics, because there is just not enough members left to give a damn about the group, and even the members that remain don’t seem to give a damn about it anymore either.

The Zeitgeist Movement, a group that that many of it’s critics consider to be a cult, and promotes conspiracy theories, an unrealistic and highly flawed economic system called the “resource based economy”, an unrealistic belief that no one will ever have to work anymore, that machines will do all of our work for us, and reeducating people (hinting that reeducation could be forced) to change the way they think, has essentially gone out with a fizzle, instead of a boom.

It’s Z-day events around the world has gotten smaller and smaller every year, and it’s recent “Zeitgeist Media Festival” was a complete failure. Hardly anyone showed up at all. In addition to this, it’s New (Age) World Fair was also a failure.

What’s left of it’s leadership appears to be losing it due to the lose of membership and plain interest in the group. One of the Zeitgeist Movement’s leaders, VTV, is so desperate for attention that he has now resorted to trolling internet blogs and forums with sock puppets. The creator of TZM, Peter Joseph Merola, has been begging people to interview him, even trying to get conspiracy theory promoter Alex Jones to interview him.

No group that might share even miniscule amounts of similarity with them want’s anything to do with them either.

Read more: The Soap Box: How do you know a cult is dead? When even it’s critics feel it’s pointless to continue criticizing it..

Colour Changing Card Trick

I think you’ll like this 🙂

Colour Changing Card Trick (Higher Quality) – YouTube.

Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

What does the result of this test say about us? Humans are interesting creatures.

On the night of July 27th, 2012, a huge prank was pulled in New York City and this is the video of what took place. Brett Cohen came up with a crazy idea to fool thousands of pedestrians walking the streets of Times Square into thinking he was a huge celebrity, and it worked! Not only did it work, it caused quite a stir. This social experiment, of sorts, makes a profound statement about how modern culture is so attracted to pop culture, without any real credibility needed.

Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City – YouTube.

Researching a Non-Issue | Bright Mind (NLP – lying eyes)

How Incompetent Trainers Have Allowed Facts to Be Misrepresented

via Bright Mind Blog

Some time back I went to a training presented on detecting deception (and a few other related topics).  The trainer was a retired police officer who taught several different approaches and perspectives, including one strategy that I, myself, had come up with some years ago (independently) based on one of Sun Tsu‘s principles.  However, mid-way through, when talking about ways to recognize deception, he told a room full of 60+ counselors, correction officers, and managers, that NLP teaches that if people look up and to their right, they’re lying.

I have to admit, I got really agitated, because he was wrong in OH! so many ways! I thrashed around in my chair and at the next break, went up to speak with him, but he made it clear he wasn’t interested in having his facts (which were wrong on multiple levels) corrected.  I had people coming up to me afterwards for clarification because they knew something was wrong with what he was saying, and I had to explain over and over what was going on.

He’s not alone in this.  The movie The Negotiator from 1998, while dramatic as all get out, oversimplified the concept of eye accessing painfully and reinforced a popular myth about NLP and detecting lies, one that has become so pervasive that researchers in the UK felt it needful to debunk that myth with actual research.  And I have to say, I do not blame them, not really.  They’re wrong in that NLP does NOT claim a person who looks up and to the right is lying, but ignorant people who don’t really know NLP DO claim that NLP claims a person who looks up and right is lying.  Sadly, there are more people that are ignorant of this than there should be.

The premise is this: people move their eyes as they speak or think because they are accessing different parts of their brain.  A person who is is right handed will usually look up and to his left if he’s remembering a picture (note that I said usually–there are several categories of exception) and will frequently look up and to his right if he’s doing something with the pictures in his mind other than remembering them whole.  He might be looking only at a cut-out in his mind’s eye, or he might be imagining cartoon characters, but he is somehow tweaking the pictures in his mind.  Usually.  Thus, when that fellow looks up and left, we say he’s accessing Visual Remembered and when he looks up and right we say he is accessing Visual Creative.

Here’s where people who were eager for an easy way to detect lies went and messed the whole thing up.

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Man sues psychic for fraud

A complaint filed in court alleges the psychic took more than $30,000 from the man

via KCPQ News Online – September 12, 2012

AUBURN.—Unsatisfied customer Abraham Char filed suit against an Auburn psychic, according to the Seattle P.I. The Sept. 5 complaint alleges the psychic took more than $30,000 from Char while claiming to pray for his relatives, according to the P.I.

Char’s attorney told the court the psychic known as “Mama Tanya” had “wrongfully induced Abraham Char to provide her with monies in return for her representation that she would pray for his relatives claimed by her to be suffering,” the P.I. reported Char claimed he had loaned the money to the psychic, then sought spiritual help from his client until the psychic refused to repay.

The psychic disputed basic claims in the lawsuit. Her lawyer told the P.I. that Char consulted with the psychic once or twice a month for eight months and appeared satisfy with her work.

The psychic even disputes the name “Mama Tanya,” telling the P.I. that Char labeled the psychic with the name himself. The lawyer refused to provide the psychic’s real name.

A response to the suit will be filed at a later date.

via Man sues psychic for fraud – KCPQ.

Missile test sparks UFO reports in Southwest

Three unarmed rockets fired from New Mexico to test Patriot defense system

via NBC News

People across the Southwest got an early-morning show in the sky Thursday, courtesy of a trio of unarmed missiles fired from New Mexico, one of which left a brilliant contrail that changed colors as it was illuminated by the rising sun.

The twisting cloudlike formation was visible in southern Colorado, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas just before sunrise, and led to hundreds of calls and emails to area TV stations.

Law enforcement agencies in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado received some reports of a crash, but those were quickly discounted. A sheriff’s deputy in northern New Mexico who saw one of the missiles leaving behind a contrail as it lifted into the pre-dawn sky said he spotted what appeared to be an explosion and a part falling off the craft.

“When I saw it, it surprised the heck out of me, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s not something you see every day,'” said San Juan County deputy J.J. Roberts. “So I pulled over, pulled out my iPhone and started taking some pictures and video.”

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What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

What If Everyone JUMPED At Once? – YouTube.

Thoughts of death may be associated with a good life


There has been a tendency to take the position that thoughts of death are associated with depression and associated negative health consequences. However, according to a new analysis of recent scientific studies thinking about death can actually be a good thing. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology has discussed this topic in the article “How Thinking About Death Can Lead to a Good Life.”

Thoughts about death can actually be a good thing which can help us re-prioritize our goals and values. It appears that even non-conscious thinking about death, such as walking by a cemetery, could prompt positive changes and promote the helping of others. Past research generally suggests that thinking about death is destructive and dangerous and sets off everything from prejudice and greed to violence. These studies which have been related to terror management theory (TMT) have rarely explored the potential benefits of being aware of death.

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Curiosity Photos of Mars Teeming with ‘UFOs’ | Mars Anomalies

By: Natalie Wolchover via

According to the fringe sector of the Internet, Mars is practically teeming with aliens.

“Mars animal” spotted by one YouTube user.
CREDIT: YouTube | StephenHannardADGUK

Since NASA’s Curiosity rover touched down on the Red Planet two weeks ago and powered up its cameras, it has already managed to photograph several alleged UFOs and other “anomalies” in the surrounding landscape.

From classic flying saucers to an absurdly out-of-place fossilized human finger, here’s a rundown of what UFO believers claim to have found in Curiosity photos so far. [Gallery of Mars ‘UFO’ Photos]

Horizon anomaly (aka impact cloud)

Speculation about Martians in Curiosity’s midst got off to a running start when the very first sequence of photos taken by the rover raised questions. A hazy, distant object mysteriously appeared and then disappeared in consecutive images of the Martian horizon, perplexing even NASA scientists at first.

But the much-discussed “anomaly” turned out not to be a sign of alien activity, but rather the plume of dust kicked up by the sky crane that delivered the rover close to the Martian surface, then veered off and struck the ground some 2,000 feet (600 meters) away.

“We believe we’ve caught what is the descent stage impact on the Martian surface,” said NASA engineer Steven Sell, sky crane specialist on the Curiosity mission.

Flying saucers (aka dead pixels)

In footage posted to YouTube Aug. 18, user “StephenHannardADGUK” applies a series of filters to a Curiosity image of the nearby rim of Gale crater, revealing what he says are four flying saucer-like objects stationed in the sky. More than 700,000 people have since given the video a gander.

“Four objects caught by Mars Curiosity, very difficult to make out on original image so I have used a few filters to highlight,” he said in the video description. “What are these four objects? UFOs, Dust particles, or something else? As always you decide.”

Experts say the four “objects” are actually just dead pixels in the rover’s CCD camera — single points in the camera’s imager that have lost functionality and register as white.

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A Time for Reflection: Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition

By Josh Sanofsky via Who Forted? Magazine

Since mankind first saw its own reflection, we have been fascinated by surfaces that cast our image back to us. Possibly because of that fascination, there is an incredibly wide variety of superstitions, myths and urban legends surrounding mirrors specifically and reflective bodies in general.

Everyone has heard, for example, that breaking a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck. This superstition dates back to the Romans, who believed that life renewed itself every seven years, and that breaking a mirror would thus cause damage to the soul it was reflecting at the time for that duration.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a number of folk remedies for relieving the seven years of bad luck. Early American slaves believed that the bad luck could be washed away by immersing the pieces of the broken mirror in south-flowing water for seven hours. Another tale says that the seven years of bad luck may be kept from taking effect by grinding the shards of the mirror into a fine powder so that they no longer reflect any images at all. Still another says that putting the broken pieces in a bag and burying it will accomplish the same thing.

Mirrors were often used in magical and psychic rituals for scrying – remotely viewing another person or place – and communicating. They could also be used in magical rituals of divination – fortune telling and reading of the future. This was known as catoptromancy or enoptromancy, and was described in an ancient Greek text as being performed by lowering a mirror on a thread until

Keep Reading: A Time for Reflection: Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition | Who Forted? Magazine.

NLP and reading people’s eyes


NLP or neuro linguistic programming is a controversial area of psychology that deals with how our thought processes relate to our bodies and our body movements. One of the most interesting aspects of NLP has to do with the subject of “eye accessing cues”. According to NLP theory the human eye moves in unique ways depending on what a person is thinking about.

American psychologist William James first suggested the idea that eye movements might be related to our thought processes in 1890. Robert Dilts, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder later expanded upon the theory in the 1970s.

According to the neurological research conducted by Dilts, Bandler, and Grinder our eyes move both laterally (left and right) and vertically (up and down) depending upon what types of thoughts our brain is processing.

NLP defines various quadrants or directions of human eye movement. When our eyes move laterally to the left, it is called “visual remembering” and it means we are attempting to recall or remember something. For example, if someone were asked, “What color was your first car?” we would expect their eyes to move the left, actually to the left and slightly upwards, since they are recalling an “image”. (The upward movement in the eye indicates that the information that is being recalled is “visual” or some type of image.)

Keep Reading: NLP and reading people’s eyes – Philadelphia Mental Health |

Professor’s breakthrough on human combustion theory

By Rachel Allen via Cambridge News

A Cambridge professor has tackled the issue of spontaneous combustion – using belly pork.

Prof Brian J Ford is a research biologist and author of more than 30 books, most about cell biology and microscopy but he has turned his attention to the mechanisms behind why people ‘explode’.

He said in an article in New Scientist: “One minute they may be relaxing in a chair, the next they erupt into a fireball.

“Jets of blue fire shoot from their bodies like flames from a blowtorch, and within half an hour they are reduced to a pile of ash.

“Typically, the legs remain unscathed sticking out grotesquely from the smoking cinders. Nearby objects – a pile of newspapers on the armrest, for example – are untouched.”

The first record of spontaneous combustion dates back to 1641 when Danish doctor and mathematician Thomas Bartholin described the death of Polonus Vorstius – who drank wine at home in Milan, Italy, one evening in 1470 before bursting into flames.

Since then more reports of spontaneous combustion have been filed and linked to alcoholism – though the link was later disproved.

The most recent case was 76-year-old Michael Faherty who died on December 22, 2010. West Galway coroner Ciaran McLoughlin recorded the cause of death as spontaneous human combustion.

Read More: Professor’s breakthrough on human combustion theory.

The miracle of the ball and the glass

I love all things related to slight of hand, magic, mentalism or optical illusions. Can you figure out how this was done? I have my own theory, leave your ideas in the comments section. 🙂

The miracle of the ball and the glass – YouTube.

Expressing past events in present tense preserves original emotion


Will Hart of the University of Alabama conducted several experiments to determine how the way a person expresses or retells emotionally charged past events effects the storytellers mood. The four experiments involved asking participants to recall positive, negative and neutral events, reports the Association for Psychological Science.

Results of the study concluded that when a past negative event is described as though it were still happening – or in the present tense – participant’s moods remained negative. When describing the event as though it had already occurred – or in the past tense – the participants felt more positive. The same held true of describing positive events that have occurred in the past, with the present tense preserving the positive feeling.

The study by Will Hart, which will appear in a future issue of Psychological Science, concluded that one way to alleviate negative feelings is to phrase any discussion of negative events in the past tense, while using the present tense to describe positive events.

This appears to confirm the practice of New Age followers of the Law of Attraction that encourages participants to phrase dreams and goals in the present tense, as though they have already been achieved.

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UFO over Chilean Air Base

by Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog

It seems the HuffPo, not content to promote medical pseudoscience, is branching out into UFO nuttery. UFO author Leslie Kean, blogging in the Huff Po Science section, give a breathless and completely gullible account of a recent apparent UFO encounter over an air base in Santiago. You can watch the video for yourself and decide how impressive it is. View the video before reading on, as it will put everything into context.

Kean gives us this quick summary of the UFO situation:

As agreed by authorities around the world, these truly unexplainable unidentified flying objects appear solid, metallic and luminous, able to operate with speeds and maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. And, most chilling of all, they often behave as if under intelligent control.

Let’s count the logical fallacies she packed into this one paragraph. First she opens up with an argument from authority (even using the term). I doubt there is any consensus among world governments or “authorities” (whichever authorities she is referring to) that UFOs are space craft. There is certainly no scientific consensus that this is the case. But even if your average politician thought that UFOs were alien craft – so what. Politicians are generally not scientists and not exactly authorities on such topics.

Next she commits the fallacy of confusing currently unexplained with unexplainable. Most UFO sightings, in fact, when investigated turn out to be completely explainable. UFO believers (meaning that UFOs are alien spacecraft) point to the residue of unexplained cases to support their claims. However, given the number of UFO sightings, and the number of quirky phenomena that could result in such sightings, it is not surprising that some sightings remain unexplained – simply because there is not enough information to nail down exactly what was seen. This does not mean we are dealing with an unexplainable phenomenon, or alien visitation (that would be the argument from ignorance).

She next gives a description of some UFOs that would be truly impressive if it were true, but it’s not. Once we exclude demonstrable hoaxes, we are left with blobs, points of light, streaks, and other vague and fuzzy objects. What we do not have is a single smoking-gun piece of evidence. There is no picture or video that clearly shows an artificial craft capable of flight with good focus and reference for scale. There is not a single unambiguous piece of evidence.

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Why Do Seniors Fall for Scams?

via LiveScience

The elderly are recognized as being vulnerable to fraud. A study last year found that American seniors lost at least $2.9 billion to financial exploitation in 2010, and two months ago, the newly established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched an inquiry to figure out how to best protect the elderly from scams.

But what makes seniors more likely to fall for frauds? New research points to a specific part of their aging brains.

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9/11 Truther Convinced Government Destroyed Past 11 Years Of His Life

via The Onion – September 11, 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI—Citing “overwhelming evidence,” 9/11 Truth movement adherent Dennis E. Shaw, 53, told reporters Tuesday that he believes the U.S. government has orchestrated a secret, intricate plot to systematically destroy his entire life over the past 11 years.

Shaw, who since 2001 has lost his job, seen his marriage end, and, according to friends, completely alienated himself from mainstream society, argued that there are “serious reasons to doubt” the commonly accepted explanation that his slide into reclusion and paranoia was his own fault.

“The official story is all too familiar,” said Shaw, a self-identified 9/11 Truther who hands out pamphlets at Kennedy Plaza from 2 to 6 p.m. every day. “On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists crashed three planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Then, over the ensuing months and years, my obsession with the truth behind those events supposedly led to the gradual collapse of my personal and professional life. But this convenient little narrative requires us to believe a series of highly improbable coincidences.”

“Open your eyes, and you’ll see the puppet masters’ fingerprints are all over my pathetic, seemingly self-destructive existence,” he added.

Pointing to a detailed timeline scrawled on poster board affixed to the wall of a studio apartment cluttered with 9/11 paraphernalia, Shaw reviewed the events that, he believes, “happened too perfectly to be anything but the intentional, controlled demolition of [his] life.”

“In January 2004, my wife said she wished I spent more time with her instead of on Internet Truther forums, yet somehow, in April of that very same year she complained that it was ‘becoming unbearable to be around me,’” he said, showing reporters a day-by-day account of the couple’s failed relationship. “It simply doesn’t add up that Melissa would say she wanted to be with me both more often and less often—unless, that is, an outside party like the U.S. government wanted her to say it.”

“Meanwhile—and this is where it really gets interesting—on four separate occasions in 2002 I recorded my mother saying she thought my research was ‘interesting’ and ‘worth thinking about,’” continued the man, who confirmed he has watched the film series Loose Change seven or eight times in the past week. “How was it, then, that by November of the following year she was calling it ‘crazy’ and ‘sad,’ a complete reversal of her original stance?”

Shaw went on to present a chart showing the “suspiciously” rapid disintegration of his friendships since 2001, noting the disparity between the 258 social interactions he shared with his best friend, Stephen Danforth, in the years before 2001 and the mere 17 interactions they’ve had since then, a decline Shaw said “can’t be explained by pure, random chance.”

Recently, the 53-year-old created a website dedicated to “uncovering what really happened to Dennis E. Shaw’s life,” in which he posits the existence of a shadowy government conspiracy whose sole purpose is to engineer his downfall.

“Everyone’s in on it—Bush, Cheney, Bernanke, Israel, and now Obama,” said Shaw, claiming that an entire life and career “couldn’t just collapse like this all on its own.” “Not a single one of them has ever come forward to deny their involvement in the destruction of my life.”

Even ignoring the rest of the evidence, Shaw remarked, the fact that he lost his job as a reporter for The Providence Journal mere weeks after writing articles in which he described 9/11 as an inside job was, in itself, “a smoking gun in Uncle Sam’s hand.”

“On the evening of October 28, 2005, I handed in an article exposing Bush and Cheney’s cover-up of the real 9/11 Commission report. Well, what a surprise that the very next morning I was fired from my job by my editor, a man I have reason to believe has connections to the FBI, the CIA and, yes, Dick Cheney,” said Shaw, whose former employer cited “repeated breaches of journalistic integrity” and “erratic behavior” as the reason for Shaw’s dismissal. “Fast-forward three years and my rent has shot up, my credit score has dropped, and Melissa is no longer taking my calls. You think that was all some kind of magical coincidence? Think again.”

Smoking cigarette after cigarette, Shaw then proceeded to show reporters a homemade videotape he shot of his ex-wife returning to his apartment to pick up her toaster, rewinding the tape over and over again to spot what he believed could be “government surveillance devices” concealed in her clothing.

“The facts speak for themselves—I’m just connecting the dots,” said Shaw, reiterating that only the “sinister machinations” of the U.S. government could make a formerly happy, stable human being “totally fall to pieces.” “We must keep fighting for the truth, if not simply out of respect for justice, then at least out of respect for the innocent victim of this calculated crime.”

via 9/11 Truther Convinced Government Destroyed Past 11 Years Of His Life | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

7 Signs of Poltergeist Activity

Here is how to recognize when your home might be experiencing poltergeists

By via

DETERMINING THE DIFFERENCE between poltergeist activity and ghost or haunting activity can be difficult. While ghost and haunting activity is the result of spirit energy, poltergeist activity – also known as “recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis” or RSPK – is the result of psychic energy generated (usually unconsciously) by a person, referred to as an agent.

But how do you know there might be poltergeist activity in your home? Most often, you’ll know it if you have it because it is out of the ordinary and pretty obvious: sounds, movements, and odors of unknown origin.

Below are 7 of the most common types of poltergeist activity. Let me be clear, however: Because you experience – or think you experience – one or more of the activities listed below does not automatically mean that it definitely is poltergeist activity. There could be more mundane, everyday causes for the activity. For example, smells of unknown origin could be wafting in from an open window; lightings flickering on and off could be faulty wiring.

You should seek logical explanations before jumping to the conclusion that it is poltergeist activity because true poltergeist activity, although it is a well-documented phenomenon with many hundreds of real cases, is relatively rare. A professional investigator might be able to help you to determine the cause of what you are experiencing.

Having said that, here are 7 signs to recognize:


You put your set of keys or your cell phone down in the place you always put it. You turn around a minute later and it’s gone. You and your family search high and low for it, but it cannot be found. Later – sometimes days later or longer – the object mysteriously reappears in the very place you always put it. Or, more bizarrely, you later find it in a most ridiculous place, like high on a bookshelf, in a shoebox in the closet… or some other spot where you’d never put it in a million years. Read more about this particular phenomenon in the article Disappearing Object Phenomenon.


You’re sitting there watching TV, totally engrossed in a dramatic movie, when suddenly the bowl of popcorn you’ve been munching from rises from the coffee table, floats through the air a few feet, then drops to the floor. Or… you’re having a loud argument with your teenage daughter, and as she storms out of the room, books and knick-knacks come hurtling off of the bookcase, as if reacting to the young girl’s anger.

The movement of physical objects like this can be quite dramatic and can be as slight as a box of Tic Tacs sliding a few inches across a table top or as amazing as a heavy refrigerator levitating off the kitchen floor.


No one in your house smokes, yet on occasion the distinct smell of cigarette or cigar smoke can be detected in the bathroom. Or… as you’re dressing for bed, suddenly the overpowering scent of lilacs fills the room.

As stated above, all kinds of smells can enter your house from the outside, even from a passing car, so such scents might not necessarily mean poltergeist.

Such scents and odors can also be a sign of ghost activity as they might be associated with a spirit or with a residual haunting.

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Ben Hansen Of Syfy Channel’s ‘Fact Or Faked’ Examines Your UFOs

Lee SpeigelBy via

Armed with millions of available cell phone cameras and digital cameras, people are looking to the skies around the world, and posting images of apparent UFOs on YouTube every day.

It’s about time the FBI helped out with sifting through it all. Or at least former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen, who now makes a living uncovering the truth behind strange and bizarre sightings.

“I think that having a background in formal investigation helps in a logistical part of how to manage a case, and also gathering information,” Hansen told The Huffington Post.

As the lead host and investigator of the Syfy Channel‘s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” series, Hansen, seen at right, uses his FBI-trained skills to debunk fake material and search for the truth. He says most UFO sightings are easily explained.

“It probably falls in the range of about 95 percent. When you actually have a photo or video, I would say the percentage of the unexplained increases a little bit. However, the biggest factor, I think, in the increase [of claimed UFO videos] is due to the availability of computer graphic software.”

Hansen looked carefully at several videos for HuffPost Weird News and offered his expertise on whether they’re fact or faked.

Read More [videos too !]: Ben Hansen Of Syfy Channel’s ‘Fact Or Faked’ Examines Your UFOs.

Remember September 11, 2001

Eleven years ago today at 8:46 AM the world changed forever.

Remembering 9/11

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Houdini

by Thomas Humphries via

Reflecting on many aspects of Houdini’s life from beginning to end, this list will reveal that not only was he the greatest showman ever, but one of the most remarkable personalities the world has ever known too. “It is still an open question, however, as to what extent exposure really injures a performer.” -Harry Houdini.

10 – The Man with Many Names

Houdini was born Erik Weisz in 1874 in Budapest, Hungary, to Jewish parents. One of six children, the Weisz family moved to America in 1878. He changed his name to Ehrich and his friends called him Ehrie, which inspired his Americanized first name ‘Harry.’ He later changed his surname to Houdini because his partner, Jake Hyman, said it would mean ‘like Houdin’ in honour of the magician Robert-Houdin. His other stage names include, ‘Eric the Great,’ ‘The King of Cards,’ and ‘Eric, Prince of the Air.’

9 – Early Performances

Fascinated with magic from an early age, his first performance was at age 9; he picked up pins with his eyelashes whilst hanging upside down (he was paid thirty-five cents). He was also a trapeze artist and later devised an act called The Wild Man, locked in a cage wearing a loincloth and eating raw meat. Before gaining fame, he worked for free as a locksmith in order to gain a thorough knowledge of lock mechanisms. When he gained fame as an escapologist, one of his early stunts was to escape from the belly of a whale.

8 – Macabre Connections

Houdini was interested in anything to do with death; he bought the first electric chair, Edgar Allan Poe’s desk, and performed many of his stunts on Death Row. He also developed an interest in murderers, especially John Wilkes Booth. After the death of his beloved mother, Houdini gained an interest in spiritualism but later took it upon himself to expose all mediums as conmen (he attended séances in disguise, wearing a false beard and hat and revealed himself at key moments). Friend and creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was convinced Houdini could communicate with the dead without knowing it.

7 – Mrs. Houdini

Always referring to each other as ‘Mr. Houdini’ and ‘Mrs. Houdini,’ Houdini married Wilhelmina Beatrice ‘Bess’ Rahner only two weeks after meeting her. He wrote her hundreds of love letters during their thirty-year marriage, often when they were in the same room. She was always his onstage assistant. Whenever they argued, Houdini would leave the house and take a short walk. On his return, he would throw his hat into the room; if she threw it back out, she was still angry. She was distraught at his death and attended many séances, despite him exposing many mediums as frauds.

6 – Mayer Samuel Houdini

Houdini and Bess never had children and many speculated on the reason why. One speculation was that Houdini was x-rayed many times by his brother Leopold (New York’s first x-ray specialist) and the radiation made him sterile. To make up for this, he simply invented an imaginary child. He was called Mayer Samuel Houdini who was named after Houdini’s own father. Over the following years, Houdini wrote many letters to Bess on Mayer’s progress but they stopped after their ‘son’ became President of the United States.

5 – Pilot Extraordinaire

In 1909, six years after the Wright brothers proved human aviation possible, Houdini became extremely interested in airplanes. He once told a friend that the only reason he learned to drive was to get to the airport quicker. He learned to fly in Germany, the condition being that he taught German pilots once he was qualified. He regretted it afterwards, furious that he had taught the enemy pilots in War World I. He was the third person to fly across Australia (he claimed to be the first) and never flew again after that.

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You’ll Soon No Longer Be Able To Sell Your Magic Spells & Potions On eBay

By via The Consumerist

If you’ve been making a nice living selling get rich quick potions, love spells, or tarot readings on eBay, your days are numbered. After Aug. 30, these are among the items that will no longer be available on the online auction megasite.

eBay recently announced some category changes and removals, and among those getting the boot are

Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Readings
Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Spells, Potions
Everything Else: Metaphysical: Tarot Readings

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, eBay says these changes are just a matter of “discontinuing a small number of categories within the larger Metaphysical subcategory.” These categories were targeted because buyer/seller dispute resolution “often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve.”

We rarely have sympathy for anyone at eBay or PayPal, but we can imagine it’s a bit of a nightmare when someone writes to complain that the “Big Booty Spell” only resulted in a moderately sized derriere.

But you can still eke out a living with your store that sells healing crystals, and lucky charms, as these are “items that have a tangible value for the item itself and may also be used in metaphysical rites and practices.”

via The Consumerist » You’ll Soon No Longer Be Able To Sell Your Magic Spells & Potions On eBay.

Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates

Here again is my favorite moron!!! Alex Jones! Enjoy. 🙂

Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates

via Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates – YouTube.

Best Of UFO Sightings Of August 2012, AFO

I don’t believe ANY of these sightings are real, extraterrestrial craft. But just for the heck of it, if you happen to be in the mood, here we go …

Best Of UFO Sightings Of August 2012, AFO – YouTube.

Cults: The Mind Enslaved

by Jeanette Pryor via PJ Lifestyle

Jason Beghe is an actor, a Brooklyn tough-guy known for his starring role in the gritty G.I. Jane. In 2008, after fifteen years as a Scientology poster boy, Beghe left the cult and released an interview (embedded below) chronicling his descent into and exodus from L. Ron Hubbard’s bizarre universe.

Beghe’s recruitment, life as a celebrity spokesman and ultimate rejection of the cult are riveting, particularly for someone like myself who spent nearly thirty years in a cultic religious organization. I was stunned because, even though the doctrines and practices of our respective organizations were so different, I identified perfectly with the mental processes Beghe described. I also believed in a completely irrational worldview and ignored blatant contradictions.

Experts believe people join and remain in cults for similar motives regardless of variations in cult lifestyles and teaching. Harder to find in scholarly research is an explanation of how or why people in wildly differing cults exhibit such similar mental and emotional symptoms.

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