It’s All in the Cards: Tarot Reading and the Human Psyche

by via Mysterious Universe

Tarot cards, the famous and controversial deck of playing cards used for divination by occultists and mystic practitioners since the late 1700s, have long been an item of fascination among both the psychic practitioner and fortune teller, as well as the psychologist and therapeutic practitioner. What, precisely, the nature of their effect actually is, no one can say; while the mystic will use them to predict outcomes of future events, the psychologist might prescribe them for use in helping order one’s own inner thoughts, rather than anything yet to come.

Fascinated with the different possibilities, I thought that there may be no finer way to test this for myself than to subject myself to a couple of Tarot readings myself, by different readers with different backgrounds and interpretations, and see what outcomes transpired for me personally. Indeed, the outcomes were quite fascinating…

Going into my first Tarot reading, which was performed by the astute Mr. Scotty Roberts, author of Rise and Fall of the Nephelim, I really tried not to have any serious preconceptions or expectations. If anything, I had more or less hoped to merely look at the information objectively, and see, as they say, “where the cards would fall.” During the reading, Roberts also told me that, in his own practice, he favored a more “optimistic” interpretation of the data revealed by the cards, drawing from the lighter aspects of the symbolism they represented. The resounding themes from this reading had been that I had reached great new achievements in life, or the “capture” of something I’d longed for… but that there may still be trials ahead. “The battle is won,” Roberts alluded, “but there may still be a war to be won as well, so celebrate… but celebrate from the saddle.” Also the Empress card was a key fixture of the reading, speaking of a strong feminine presence in my life. Finally, there had also been a strong trend toward physical movement in the outcome of the reading. “I don’t just mean moving change,” Scotty confided, “this could be interpreted as actually moving, or traveling.”

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