Test Your Psychic Powers

By via paranormal.about.com

WE ALL HAVE telepathic powers to some degree, according to the psychic community, we just need to learn how to develop them. That’s easy for them to say when they’re out there predicting earthquakes, describing people’s auras, and sensing what Madonna is going to do next.

Me? If I was asked to predict what day it was going to be tomorrow, I’d get it wrong three times out of five. I seem to have no powers of extrasensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance, or precognition. I can recall only one time that I predicted something correctly. I had just arrived at Penn Station in New York, and a string quartet had set up to play for commuters and arriving and departing passengers. As soon as I saw them I knew they were going to play a certain Mozart piece. Sure enough, of all things, that is indeed what they played. A lucky guess or premonition?

Most people have probably had such experiences one or more times in their lives. How about you? Would you like to test the power of your psychic mind – to find out, perhaps, just how strong your telepathic abilities are? There are several interactive online tests that allow you to see how well you do at predicting or influencing randomly chosen events.

Go here to Test Your Psychic Powers.

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