magic jewelry

via Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids

In a nutshell: Magic jewelry gives you power and protects you from harm. It brings you health and keeps you from tipping over. Or maybe not.

The Placebo Band braceletMagic jewelry is any jewelry worn to make you better or to protect you from harm. A bracelet won’t make you healthier or bring you good luck. A necklace won’t make you stronger or bounce back evil rays. That only happens in stories. Pieces of metal, cloth, paper, rubber, or plastic that are made into jewelry might look nice, but they aren’t magical. Yet, many people spend a lot of money on such jewelry. Why?

People buy and wear magic jewelry because they believe it works. They may have seen advertisements where a famous person says that a rubber band with a fancy name like PowerBalance gave them more energy and made them a better golfer or basketball player. A friend might have told them that her luck has been great since she began wearing her Q-Ray bracelet. Besides, she’s seen on TV where it is “ionized” and “balances your yin and yang,” so it must work. Ads say it has been tested by scientists, so it must be ok!

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