Unidentified Floating Objects. Seeing is believing?

By Mason I. Bilderberg via iLLumiNuTTi.com

I am fascinated by the human brain‘s ability to take random data and construct a false reality.

There’s no triangle in this picture.

Our brains are pattern-seeking machines. This is what our brain does 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is our brain’s job to try and make sense out of nonsense or find the cause in the effect. The patterns our brains detect is what dictates our individual realities, it’s what allows us to understand and navigate the world around us. The problem is, the brain is not perfect. What is very real to you may be meaningless to me. Where you see a pattern of cause-and-effect, i may see nothing but coincidence. Therein lies the difference between believers and skeptics such as myself.

This series of videos speaks to this human ability to create and believe in a false reality.

Here we have Joe Rudy and Chris Russo from Morristown, New Jersey. In January 2009 they constructed fake UFOs using road flares and helium balloons and launched them into the night sky. The objective was to see what kind of reaction, if any, this would cause from people on the ground and the media.

As it turns out, they got plenty of attention. The media jumped all over the “strange lights in the sky.”

What i found most interesting is the eyewitness testimony contained in the third video.

Whereas some of the eyewitness reports (third video) were right on the money – describing the lights as flares tied to balloons or parachutes, some of the other eyewitness descriptions are fascinating because of their fantastical descriptions of the flares. These eyewitness reports provide an insight into our cranial programming.

Keeping in mind these were only road flares tied to helium balloons, consider the news reporter at 01:42 into the video saying the objects “left rather quickly”, followed by a pilot with 20 years aviation experience saying, “like it took off (making a quick, sweeping motion with his left hand). It was very strange.”

You see a happy face, don’t you?

Strange is the fact these were flares and they didn’t “leave quickly” or “take off,” they hovered.

At 2:19 into the video the news anchor emphasizes the fact these “strange objects” can be seen by air traffic controllers in the tower but they didn’t show up on any radars. Spooky, no?

At 03:11 into the video, witness: “They looked like they were in a formation, like they had a purpose.”

At 03:55 into the video a male witness reports some of the lights “streaked down towards New York” then the “final one just went *blip* and disappeared.”

(Watch part 3 below to hear more eyewitness descriptions.)

Amazing, isn’t it? Not because i think any of these witnesses are intentionally being deceptive, but because of how this demonstrates the fallibility of the human brain’s analytic software. Each of these people believe in what they saw with absolute certainty. They would pass a lie detector test. Future UFO believers might even use their words to make the case for the existence of UFOs.

The human brain in action. Keep this in mind the next time somebody tries to make a convincing argument based on eyewitness testimony.

This is a 3 part video series. Instead of showing the videos in chronological order (1, 2 and 3) i’m going to post the 3rd video first. This is a 29 minute compilation of news and eyewitness reports of the hoaxed UFO event. I post the 3rd video first because this is the end result and the most interesting to me. If we didn’t know this was a hoaxed event, this is what we would be seeing on the evening news or on UFO websites with all the UFO believers streaming their latest extraterrestrial theories.

Watch and keep in mind they’re describing flares tied to helium balloons.

Watch part 1 and part 2 (below part 3) if you’re interested in watching how Joe Rudy and Chris Russo setup the hoax.

Have fun! 🙂

Mason I. Bilderberg

Part 3: Compilation of news and eyewitness reports

Description via YouTube: In this video, you’ll see the reactions of eyewitnesses to the “UFOs”, plus various clips from news programs, footage from an “Alien Sale” at a car dealership, and the producers’ final thoughts on the experiment.

Part 1: How We Staged the Morristown UFO Hoax

Description via YouTube: In this video, Chris and Joe show the supplies used to construct their UFOs and try to verify the dates and times to prove they, in fact, set up the balloons.

Part 2: The Launches

Description via YouTube: In this video, Chris and Joe let go of the flares in the woods. The first part shows their test launch on January 4, 2009.

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