Man sues psychic for fraud

A complaint filed in court alleges the psychic took more than $30,000 from the man

via KCPQ News Online – September 12, 2012

AUBURN.—Unsatisfied customer Abraham Char filed suit against an Auburn psychic, according to the Seattle P.I. The Sept. 5 complaint alleges the psychic took more than $30,000 from Char while claiming to pray for his relatives, according to the P.I.

Char’s attorney told the court the psychic known as “Mama Tanya” had “wrongfully induced Abraham Char to provide her with monies in return for her representation that she would pray for his relatives claimed by her to be suffering,” the P.I. reported Char claimed he had loaned the money to the psychic, then sought spiritual help from his client until the psychic refused to repay.

The psychic disputed basic claims in the lawsuit. Her lawyer told the P.I. that Char consulted with the psychic once or twice a month for eight months and appeared satisfy with her work.

The psychic even disputes the name “Mama Tanya,” telling the P.I. that Char labeled the psychic with the name himself. The lawyer refused to provide the psychic’s real name.

A response to the suit will be filed at a later date.

via Man sues psychic for fraud – KCPQ.

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  1. I wonder if she predicted this would happen???

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