Saucers of the Sea

by via Mysterious Universe

… when seeking the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, perhaps we should be looking under the oceans, rather than into the skies. Or maybe both. Whatever the case, there is an undeniably huge body of data on record of UFOs seen hovering, and flying, over the oceans and/or coming out of them. Here’s just a couple of many examples from my files…

Nineteen sixty-six saw an unusual event occur at Pasajes, Northern Spain that caught the attention of the British Ministry of Defense. From a radio officer attached to the S.S. Patrick M. Rotterdam, came the following: “Perhaps the following will be of some interest to you or Jodrell Bank. Whilst at Anchor at Pasajes, North Spain on 22 April at 2100 Bst in a very clear sky, one of the crew noticed a bright patch in the sky and drew my attention to it. It appeared stationary and squarish, the area being about 4 times the size of a full moon. Several of the crew watched, being interested and of course at anchor, there is very little to do.

“The patch elongated and became brighter and to our amazement a complete ring, similar to pictures of flying saucers, bright and distinct with dark centre. For several minutes this object remained visible then returned to a patch, receding elongated again. Then it branched out to form a letter M. When the ring was clear it was about [the] same size as a full moon. We know it was not the moon because the moon was in another quadrant and lying on back at [the] same time. The patch receded away into distance. I can assure you none of us were drunk.”

In this particular case, a conventional explanation seems unlikely.

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