How New World Order (NWO) predictions work – The Soap Box

via The Soap Box

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists who every year make claims that the New World Order (or the NWO for short) is going to take over the country, and then the world.

Here is how they tend to come up with these dates:

First, they find a date where something important happens.

Alternatively they just make up a date and claim that it is when the NWO is going to take over. The reason usually behind this is that they believe that the date has some significant importance with the occult and Satanic beliefs.

Second, they make a claim of a “triggering event”. It’s usually something that is very destructive and would force the government to declare martial law, such as a massive terrorist attack, a nuclear explosion, a pandemic, etc.

Alternatively, they will claim that the United Nations will take over, or the European Union, or some other foreign body.

Third, when the prediction fails, they will usually forget about the prediction, and never mention it again. They will then most likely go on and make a new prediction.

Alternatively they will claim that because of their “warning” people became more alert, so the New World Order scrubbed their plans and set a new date.

Now many of you are probably thinking that this is kind of simplified, but in reality this is how many of these date specific predictions (not just New World Order predictions) work: Make a best guess date, claim what the trigger will be, nothing happens, repeat the process.

A recent example of this would be the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. (more . . .)

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