Cattle Mutilations: Us or “Them”?

by via Mysterious Universe

Within the annals of Forteana, there can be little doubt that one of the most mystifying of all puzzles is that relative to cattle-mutilations. As far as the UFO research arena is concerned, the one theory that, more than any other, provokes so much interest is the idea that the mutilations are the work of extraterrestrials engaged in nightmarish, genetic experimentation. But, perhaps, we should be looking down here, rather than to the stars, for the answers…

Following a series of mutilations between 1976 and 1978, Manuel S. Gomez, a rancher from Dulce, New Mexico, who had himself lost a number of cattle, approached the Senator for New Mexico (and former NASA astronaut), Harrison Schmitt, and requested that inquiries be made to determine if some form of investigation could be instigated to settle the problem.

Schmitt duly complied, and on July 10, 1978 wrote to Chief Martin E. Vigil, of the New Mexico State Police, and informed him of the concerns of Gomez, and other ranchers in the area, many of who were also losing livestock to the elusive mutilators.

Aware that Police Officer Gabe Valdez, of Espanola, had investigated a number of such cases, Vigil asked Captain P. Anaya, of the Espanola Police, to forward him copies of all relevant paperwork, which could be made available to the senator.

One report, filed by Valdez in June 1976, stands out as being of profound significance. At 8.00 p.m. on June 13, Valdez was contacted by Manuel Gomez and advised that he had found a three-year-old cow on his ranch that bore all the classic signs of mutilation. Gomez said the cow’s left-ear, tongue, udder and rectum had been removed with what appeared to be a sharp instrument. Yet there was absolutely no blood in the immediate vicinity of the cow, nor were there any footprints in evidence. There were, however, ground-markings that gave every impression some form of aerial object had landed and carried out a grisly attack on the unfortunate animal.

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