Harrelson, Sheen and Asner Line Up for New 9/11 Truther Film

via Breitbart News

A gaggle of far-left actors have signed on for a new film embracing the 9/11 Truther movement.

“September Morn,” to be directed by former stuntman B.J. Davis, will star Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen, Daniel Sunjata (“Rescue Me”), Judd Nelson and Ed Asner.

Styling itself as a drama in the tradition of Twelve Angry Men, the film’s advance publicity note hints at a cover-up, saying: “We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911.”

Other stars appearing in the film, according to IMDB.com, include Esai Morales (last seen in “Atlas Shrugged: Part II”), Valerie Harper and John Heard.

Sheen, Harrelson and Asner have a history of questioning what “really” happened on Sept. 11, 2001, although making a feature film about those questions may bring greater scrutiny to their career choices.

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