Flaming Moron Says: Hurricane Sandy = False Flag = Inside Job. Seriously.

This one is so far off the moron chart i’m speechless. Ladies and gentlemen, i present Alex Jones …

Via Idiot Says Hurricane Sandy=False Flag=Inside Job Created By Obama – YouTube.

8 responses

  1. This guy won’t let anyone post that doesn’t agree with him. Real mature.

    1. Your argument is logical and well thought out. You have convinced me.

  2. Are you a troll? Or just miguided

  3. You sir are an idiot. Proof is in the pudding. Obviously you are a propagandist. Look at tge sattelite views. There are way to many anomalies.
    Such as the radiation which is a direct earmark of HAARP. Of course I’ve only been studying it for five years. Read HAARPS OWN research. I know. The Government loves us all, and would never do anything to hurt anyone. Especially middle easternmen women and children. But what can we expect from the Satanisy that runs this sight. I’m sure this response will be ignored. The truth is I feel sorry for people with limited brain capacity such as yourself. I guess we can’t all be physicists. I thought everyone learned what causes hurricane in kindergarten. Smart guy compare Sandy to other hurricanes. Not Katrina as HAARP was used there as well. Go back to sleep let everyone else tell you what is right. Good luck with your vote for Obama. See I even know who you will vote for if you vote.

    1. All errors were auto correct or typo. Sorry but yo get the point. Phones aren’t always the easiest to type on. But considering the audience and the fact that I know, they will point to typos to shift focus from their arguments.

  4. This is, quite possibly, the stupidest thing I’ve seen in the past year. How can people believe that anything that comes up in a Google search is fact? How can this guy not realize how crazy he sounds?

    1. How can you be so blind. When the science to prove it is there. You are the idiot. Continue to watch your tv to tell you what to thi.k. After all science is just facts.

    2. Just tgr time of day you wrote this shows you are a tweeker, Or atleast you have no job and contribute your underachieving ideas. Where is your proof. And I will listen? I suspect you only have what you have been told.

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