10 Lies Truthers Tell

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The 9/11 conspiracy theories are probably some of the most thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories out there, with thousands of people devoting hundreds of hours to debunk these theories. Some of these theories have been debunked for so long, and so early on, and have such clear evidence (including photographic evidence) that they can only be best described as lies.

Here is what could be considered 10 of the biggest lies people in the 9/11 Truth movement (or Truthers, as they are commonly called) tell:

(Author’s note: these are just the 10 I remembered off of my head. There are actually a lot more than this.)

• 10. There were pools and rivers of molten steel at the WTC site.

No there wasn’t. There are satellite pictures of hot spots where the towers stood, and pictures of steel beams that were red hot, but never any pictures of molten steel, nor has anyone who was actually at the site after the towers fell have ever claimed to have seen pools and rivers of molten steel.


NOTE: The image above is a fake.
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The satellite pictures that show these hot spots show that those areas were actually places where underground fires were, and not molten steel because the temperature of the heat being given off from those areas was not hot enough to cause steel to melt.

• 9. No plane was witnessed hitting the Pentagon.

Actually there are multiple witnesses to the plane hitting the Pentagon. There is also video taken from a security camera that, while it is very difficult to tell for many people, does show a plane hitting the Pentagon.

• 8. No pieces of American Airlines Flight 77 was ever found at the Penatgon.

Actually much of the plane was recovered, including remains of the passengers on board (including the five hijackers), and the flight recorder (although damaged to the point where nothing usable could be recovered on it). In fact there are actually photos of pieces of the planes that were being recovered from the crash site and removed from the site for further investigation.

• 7. The towers fell at free fall speeds.

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9/11: Were Explosives Used?

No they didn’t. The towers fell at speeds slower then free fall. There are videos that show the towers falling at free fall speeds, but these videos have had their speed altered to make it look like they are falling at free fall speeds.

• 6. The towers imploded.

No they didn’t. If you were to watch any videos of the towers collapsing then you would see that the towers collapsed on top of themselves rather then implode into themselves, the results of which spewed out a lot of debris over the site, heavily damaging many of the other buildings there.

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One response

  1. In some of these points you’ve confused ‘conspiracy theory’ with ‘physical data/ evidence’.

    A conspiracy theory is a theory relating to a conspiracy of some kind. You might say it relates to human behaviour and human motives.

    What happened with respect to the Twin Towers, the Pentagon etc (the physical buildings) is a matter of physical evidence, empirical data etc. You might say it related to physical objects, energy and so on (not human behaviour or motives).

    Whatever happened on 9/11 we know for sure it was a conspiracy of some kind (it was obviously no accident). But whatever kind of conspiracy it was is irrelevant when it comes to determining what actually happened when it comes to the physical events. Starting out with a conspiracy will only bias the collection of data.

    Obviously WHAT actually happened must be determined before we can begin to talk about WHO did it, HOW they did it and WHY. If you’re going to charge someone with a crime you have to know what that crime actually was!

    A few points of clarification…

    Scientifically speaking the towers did not fall (collapse), they turned into dust in mid air. WTC1’s seismic signal was about 8 seconds long. The seismic signal also lacked S and P waves and only contained surface waves. Even a collapse at free fall speed (which is impossible anyway) would have produced a seismic signal of at least 9.2 seconds.

    About 700ft of the core structure (for both towers) survived standing for about 30 seconds measured from the point of initial destruction. This core structure also turned largely to dust. It was not found on top of the rubble.

    14 people survived in WTC1 at the second floor level. After the dust cleared they looked up and saw sunlight above them. They were not buried under 110 floors’ worth of collapsed rubble (500,000 tons) and they climbed out by themselves. The debris ‘pile’ did not even extend above the height of the lobby.

    The majority of the building fell to earth as gravel and fine dust along with tons of paper which was neither burned or pulverised. This dust was not hot (nobody was burned by it, nor were trees or the paper) and it was so thick and abundant it blocked out 100% of the sun for a couple of minutes in the vicinity of the WTC complex. After landing on the ground the dust continued to breakdown to a size smaller than red blood cells and much of it started to float back up again. This created a yellowish ‘haze’ of fumes which continued to rise up for months. This dust rose into the upper atmosphere and was even visible from space. Many people wrongly assumed these fumes were smoke or steam from underground fires but there is no evidence of any underground fires (just a few isolated fires dotted about). Had there been an ‘inferno’ in the basements there would have been steam explosions from the firemen’s water hoses and the water mains which burst and flooded West Street. Had there been any (hot) molten metal it would have eventually cooled to form a solid plug of metal fused with other debris, but no such plug was ever found.

    A total of seven buildings were destroyed that day. WTC 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. WTC 3 (22 stories) disappeared completely except for a tiny stump about the size of a small house. The majority of WTC 4 also went missing.

    An eighth building (Bankers Trust) was damaged but was later repaired. Immediately following the completion of the repairs (2006 I think) it was dismantled piece-by-piece over a period of several years. The official reason given was a ‘mould infection’ (unusual for a steel framed building!). During dismantling it was observed to be rusting at an alarming rate in the area which had sustained the damage.

    All of this is verifiable fact (evidence). This evidence stands completely separate to ALL conspiracy theories (whether officially endorsed or not). The issue of ‘conspiracy’ has no place in ANY forensic investigation of physical evidence. WHAT happened is a completely separate issue to WHO might have done it and WHY.

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