Conspiracy Theorists: No longer harmless

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alexjones_animated_3Up until a couple of weeks ago I use to believe that most conspiracy theorists were just a bit nutty, and perhaps hostile online towards skeptics and people who debunked conspiracy theories, but were relatively harmless, except for those who are violently mentally disturbed (example: Jared Lee Loughner), and that at the most were more likely to alienate themselves from friends and family then anything else, and thus do more harm to themselves then to others.

I no longer believe this.

The reason I no longer believe this is because of the massive amount of illegal harassment being done by conspiracy theorists towards the parents of the children who died in the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, and towards the heros who’s efforts helped saved the lives of many more children.

man in trashcanWhile the claims made by conspiracy theorists that the attack was staged, or didn’t even occur in the first place, wasn’t something that fellow skeptics and debunkers like myself were not expecting (in fact, due to the predictability of conspiracy theorists we would have been more surprised if these claims were not made at all) what did surprise us was the sheer amount of slander and harassment (bordering on outright stalking) that has begun to occur.

Because of the actions of some conspiracy theorists in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre I feel that I have been forced to re-examine my view of conspiracy theorists and their behavior, and that view is even more negative then it once was.

It appears that over the last few years as more and more conspiracy theories get debunked, the hostility of conspiracy theorists who continue to hold on to the beliefs continues to rise.

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  1. I think the reason for the increased hostility and violitileness of conspiracy theorists is due to this increased belief that the government is out to harm them. It use to be that only the seriously mentally ill, or people with extremely radical beliefs actually believed that the government was out to get them. Now it seems that every single conspiracy theory out there involves the government trying to kill a bunch of people, and because it is putting so much fear into the minds of conspiracy theorists that now they are becoming extremely paranoid and fearful, and in the words of Yoda, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

  2. Conspiracy theorists divide the world into “Everyone vs. Me,” and decide that they’ll single handedly fix the world. They feel their job is to educate the masses with the paranoia world they live in. They’ll either say it doesn’t matter who vote for, they are all the same, or the Gov. is trying to kill us all. ..They’re like Rambo with bullshit instead of bullets.

  3. It seems Alex Jones conspiracy nuts are everywhere these days. These sick paranoid cult believers are making Jones and Icke millionaires. Alex Jones, mixes some facts with his conspiracy theories, to suck in his sick and Paranoid drones. Once infected by the paranoia of AJ cult, they will only look to him for information. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, or a friend every subject that’s being talked about will be turned into a conspiracy theory. Try just talking about the weather, to a conspiracy theorist, and it will turn into Chemtrails are killing us. LOL

    1. This article really hits on an alarming trend among conspiracists. Just take a look at the out-and-out threats of violence towards commercial aircraft being made by chemtrail nut jobs ( These loons are threatening to shoot commercial aircraft out of the sky using shoulder launched rockets because they (the conspiracists) think these aircraft are spraying them with chemicals.

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