Telepathic Girl Baffles Researchers with Her Ability to Read Minds

I love this kind of nonsense, it’s always entertaining. If she were really psychic she would know about James Randi’s $1,000,000 paranormal challenge.

All she would need to do is “show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event” and she would take home the $1,000,000 prize!!!!!!!  Can you imagine winning $1,000,000? Wowee kazowee!!!!!

But alas, MY psychic abilities are telling me she would never take the challenge. I wonder, why?

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

via Who Forted? Magazine

Nandana Unnikrishnan doesn’t want $1,000,000!!!

Being autistic, Nandana Unnikrishnan is not like other girls her age. Despite the troubles that come with such a developmental disorder, autism sometimes lends itself to unusual and amazing talents, but never one like this: Nandana is allegedly telepathic.

According to initial testing, it appears that the young Indian girl has the ability to read her mother’s thoughts and emotions with no physical contact, able to pass ESP tests with flying colors, even going so far as to type out entire poems that have been telepathically communicated to her. The results have stunned skeptical researchers like Dr. Phillip John of the Indian Psychiatric Society, who told the Khaleej Times that he believes Nandana’s case is genuine.

“We see several autistic children with savant skills like unusual Mathematical skills, extraordinary memory about calendar days and dates. In such cases, they have access to their memory. In some people with schizophrenia, there is a symptom called “thought broadcast” wherein they believe their thoughts are known to others. psychic_fraudIt is not transmission of memory. In Nandana’s case, she has access to her mother’s memory and there is a transmission of memory, that too without a medium. This is the first time I am seeing a case like this. Here, we are talking about memory as a function which is why it is very surprising. This is a very rare phenomenon of transmission of memory without a medium.”

Nandana’s parents first became aware of her bizarre talents when they began to notice “unusual coincidences” when it came to her almost premeditated responses to her mother’s thoughts and feelings.

“I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her”, Nandana’s mother Sandhya, told reporters. “The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it.”

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7 responses

  1. Ryan Scott McFadden | Reply

    People like you disgust me. To assume that an autistic child would be amenable to exploitation is awful, she doesn’t want or have a use for money. And that institute, and the prize, and the people who run it, are already well aware of the capabilities of the human mind and will use failsafes to make sure no one, under strict testing, will be able to pass. You sir, are one more useless human being that doesn’t deserve to be paid, especially for expressing your ignorance. Telepathy is real, and you will soon see.

    1. If telepathy were real you wouldn’t have left this comment, because you would have already known how wrong you are.

      1. Ryan Scott McFadden | Reply

        That isn’t how it works, moron, though I’m sure you already know. When I’m sitting down in front of a church using their outlet to charge my phone, and I hear “He’s a white man” in my head and look up and see a little hispanic girl looking out of a car parked nearby, it is really hard to accept anything else. I have had INNUMERABLE circumstances where that has happened, but hey, because you don’t believe it means it isn’t true, right?
        Evolve, you arrogant primate.

        1. Wow. It took you more than 2 years to respond to me and that’s all you came up with?

    1. I’m reading the source article ( and it’s nowhere as impressive as i first thought. The human brain is being interpreted by a computer, which in turn triggers a “focused ultrasound” (FUS) computer-brain interface (CBI) into the portion of the mouse brain that is known to make the tail move.

      1. Okay, that’s good enough for me. Thank you.
        Another Case, that gets filed under: BULLSHIT.

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