Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails!!!!

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In a recent article titled “Fool’s Gold” i introduced you to a website called The Internet Chronicle that writes satirical stories a la The Onion. Their stories look to be mostly conspiratorial in nature and the loon websites continue to report these satirical conspiracy stories as fact.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.12.11 PMHere is another story from The Internet Chronicle titled Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails. Besides the pure entertainment value of the article itself, i’m thoroughly enjoying all the conspiracists getting suckered by another of these stories.

Keeping in mind The Internet Chronicle makes no secret that their stories are completely fake, here is a few samples of the comments left by conspiracists in reaction to the Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails story AT THE INTERNET CHRONICLE WEBSITE:

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For your enjoyment i am posting the story Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails from Internet Chronicle. You might want to head over there and read some of the other stories and the comments.

Pure face palm gold.

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

By Kilgoar via The Internet Chronicle

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.27.12 PMMOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate. The shocking truth, as he says, is that chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming. By cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps. Snowden added, “I am only revealing this program because there is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for the side-effects which are well known only to a few privileged people interested in continuing the decades-long chemtrail program in secret.”

Because climate change is a threat to U.S. agriculture, it has been labeled a national security issue. With the influence and cooperation of Monsanto, a secret Geoengineering lab dubbed Muad’Dib has been operating since the late 1960s, and the chemtrail program is often referred to by insiders as its “crown jewel.” Muad’Dib has aimed to protect North America’s climate at all costs – even if that means accelerating desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa or spreading trace amounts of carcinogens over lightly populated areas. Other side effects, which scientists at the secret Muad’Dib Geoengineering Lab have predicted, include droughts in the Amazon and powerful windstorms along the East Coast.

Snowden shared decisive documents with The Internet Chronicle, but out of concern for national security, only his testimonial can be published. These documents contain references to scientists who would surely be targeted by foreign counterintelligence, and their knowledge is vital to short-term survival of the United States.

Snowden said, “If this program were to stop, the scientists behind it strongly believe that within just one year the North American climate would spiral out of control, and crop failures would lead to a series of devastating famines that would quickly depopulate urban centers.”

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  1. I can believe what I have read by Snowden. I am wondering how long can Chem Spraying continue???

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