What is a Sheeple?

The Conspiracy Theorist definition, and the reality based definition.

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Recently on Facebook came across a picture on my feed that, considering the group it was posted in (it was a comedy page) I thought was very… unusual, to say the least.

This is the picture that was posted in said group:


I found this picture a tad bit disturbing, not only because it was posted in a group meant for comedy, but because it clearly showed what at least some conspiracy theorists thinks about people who disagree with them or out right do not believe (and most of the time, for good reason).

In fact this description would be far more accurate if the word “Sheeple” was replaced with “Conspiracy Theorist”, as many skeptics would agree that this would more accurately describe many conspiracy theorists (or at least the far more psychotic ones).

Now, a far more accurate definition for the word “Sheeple” would probably be this:

Sheeple – A derogatory word that combines the words “sheep” and “people“, and is typically used by conspiracy theorists to try to describe a person whom does not believe in their conspiracy theories (see Skeptic).

Typically the word “Sheeple” is used in arguments over the internet as a blatant insult directed at a skeptic, and is also used as an attempt to intimidate a skeptic into backing down or backing away from an argument concerning a conspiracy theory, and/or even bully them into agreeing with the conspiracy theorist.

This is not to be confused with the word “Shill” which is typically directed towards people who not only do not believe in a conspiracy theory that a conspiracy theorist is presenting, but also presents evidence and/or logical reasoning to show why they don’t believe in a conspiracy theory.

Both “Shill” and “Sheeple” are also used by conspiracy theorists as an attempt to end an argument over the internet while trying to save face when it becomes obvious to them that they can not win and are just making themselves appear as someone of either low intelligence and/or questionable sanity.

SHEEPLE 04_300pxThat would be a far more accurate description for the word “Sheeple”. Basically speaking, it is just a typical insult that conspiracy theorists use to try to scare away a skeptic.

The best thing to do if someone calls you a sheeple is to ask them why they think you are a sheeple, and then explain to them why you are not one (this also works if they call you a shill). If this does not work either ignore the accusations, ignore the person completely, or (if you feel like just making them mad) tell them that they are actually conceding defeat in that they actually have nothing left to counter argue, and that they are actually trying to end the argument while at the same time attempting to make it appear as if they have actually won the argument.

Regardless of how you decide to actually handle someone who calls you a a sheeple or a shill, you just have to remember that this is typical conspiracy theorist speak, and that they’re only saying it because they’re mad that you don’t believe them.

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  1. I'm a government troll site

    Keep up the good work there pal with your 2 followers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. At times you are brilliant and other times utterly ridiculous. Speeple is a term used by any rational being describing idiots that blindly follow anyone, never questioning the info nor the motive behind-the-scene. If there were a better description for idiots, the writer would use it. Unfortunately our government and these sheeple leave themselves wide-open.

    Still think you will get it one day.


    1. Calling others “sheeple” is very condescending and implies that you and your beliefs are the only ones that could be right and true. It reflects arrogance. When conspiracy “theories” are involved, there is often conflicting evidence and no definitive proof in one direction. People who use the term “sheeple” are following yet another crowd or “herd” of people who distrust the media and have their own collective viewpoint. How many of them witnessed any of their beliefs firsthand? The world is never exactly as we see it because perception is skewed. At the same time, the world is exactly as we see it because perception is all we experience of the world. I also find it amusing that one commenter chided the author for having only 2 followers. Some of us are comfortable having opinions without a crowd of followers to validate them.

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