6 Conspiracy Theories that have no reason to exist

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There are a lot conspiracy theories out there, most of which have no evidence to support the claims made, either because whatever evidence that has been put forth has been debunked, or no evidence has ever been put forth in the first place.

In fact there are some conspiracy theories that have no reason to continue to exist, or have no reason to exist in the first place, such as:

Moon Landing Hoax

nasa-moon-hoaxPerhaps one of the older conspiracy theories out there, there are a lot of people who do not believe we went to the Moon, and that all of the videos (the hundreds of hours worth) and photos (the many thousands of them) taken from the Moon were all done on a sound stage.

The reasoning behind this is that it is believed by people who claim we did not go to the Moon that we did not have the technology to go to the Moon.

The problem with this argument is that we actually did have the technology to get to the Moon. Also, as surprising as this may sound, we actually didn’t have the technology to fake going to the Moon.

There is also a ton of other evidence that says we did in fact go to the Moon, such as several tons worth of rocks and dirt that were brought back, the fact that not one of the hundreds of thousands of people who worked on the Moon landing project has ever said we didn’t go to the Moon, or that the Soviets never said that we didn’t get there, or the fact that the landing sites have been photographed by satellites orbiting the Moon.

9/11 conspiracy theories

airplane_500pxEver since that tragic day over 12 years ago there have been multiple conspiracy theories put forth concerning what happened that day, and while all of them tend to be different (from both who did it to how it was done) they all have one thing in common: They have all been debunked.

I know, a lot of people in the 9/11 “Truth” movement will say otherwise, and will claim that they have “evidence” that backs up their claims, the facts are is that when this so called evidence has been examined it’s been shown to be either incorrect, or completely false, and it is now seriously considered by skeptics and debunkers that the only reason why anyone would continue to make these 9/11 conspiracy theory claims is that they are either self deluded, or mentally ill, or they are lying.

Autism – MMR vaccine connection

Life before vaccinations

Life before vaccinations

Ever since 1998 when Andrew Wakefield wrote and published a “research” paper in The Lancet that concluded that there was a “connection” between the MMR vaccine and autism (research of which has since proven to be both unethical and fraudulent and resulted in both the research paper being formerly retracted and Mr. Wakefield’s name being removed from the General Medical Council, which is the British equivalency of having one’s medical license revoked) there has been a conspiracy theory going around concerning the alleged connection and vaccine manufactures trying to suppress such information.

Besides the fact that none of this “information” has ever been suppressed, it has been proven by multiple scientific and medical research institutions that there is no connection what so ever between any vaccines and autism, and that all of the claims made by the anti-vaccination movement are wrong and false (and dangerous).

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  1. Hey Paul, your website is fraudulent like your fake name…full of crap “he say she say” kind of crap without a merit.Just like my name and email is.Just trying to discredit sources.

    Just from my personal experience regarding a link on the screen right side about vaccines.My friends were living in Canada and decided to move to USA.They have at the time 4 year old daughter.Prior to going to USA they vaccinated their daughter(12 Mandatory vaccines in Canada).

    And she was fine. Than, prior to going to school in US, school officials told them that those vaccines received in Canada were not good in USA and their kid need to receive TWENTY TWO MORE shots to go and attend a school.After receiving 22 vaccines, their daughter, child that was in perfect health prior, WAS DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM.THERE IS NO LONG TERM STUDY OF EFFECTS OF MASS VACCINATIONS OF HUMANS.Yes there are BENEFITS also a pitfalls.When a long term study is announced and full disclosure of what is in it I will avoid vaccinations as a plague.even if you point gun at me I will refuse to take that crap into me.So you feel free to have ANY vaccine injected in your body.

    Even if it is ONE HUMAN affected

    Now continue to write crap Paul from Drums, Pennsylvania….

    1. TWENTY TWO SHOTS?? That’s overdoing it. Now tell the truth next time. 🙂

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