Obama ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins for use in FEMA camps? More BS fear mongering.

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Recently the old FEMA camp myth has once again reared it’s ugly head around internet, this time making it appear that President Obama has ordered $1,000,000,000 worth of “disposable coffins”, as you can clearly see from this screen shot below:

FEMA coffin

And from this article here.

When I was reading the article one of the first things that clued me in that this was just a bunch of BS and anti-government fear mongering were the pictures.

All of these pictures have been spreading around the internet for years now in various conspiracy theorist websites and forums.

Despite what the website wants you to believe, these pictures are actually pretty old. Infact they’ve been around since the George W. Bush administration, as have these claims.

The pictures were also taken at a storage facility for Vantage, a company that manufactures plastic coffin liners, not some government storage facility.

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    The loonies are on the rampage … again!

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  3. What the heck is a “disposable” coffin? You mean there’s such a thing as a non-disposable coffin? 😮

    1. This guy is an idiot if he thinks there isn’t a stock pile of these coffins. They ‘sleep’ four and are stacked up. Hillary was planning something horrific if she was elected. Google it this is more real than you wan’t to accept. This naysayer must be a shill if I’m reading it right. It’s not bs.

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