Encyclopedia of American Loons: #947: David Wynn Miller

#947: David Wynn Miller

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A.k.a. Judge: David-Wynn: Miller (what he prefers to be called)

David Wynn Miller

David Wynn Miller

David Wynn Miller is a Milwaukee-based tax-avoidance activist affiliated with the Sovereign Citizen Movement, who claims exemption from income tax liability on various pseudolegal grounds, in particular a lack of jurisdictional applicability. He is the originator of an incoherent ideology that invokes a supposedly mathematically-based variation of the English language (no, not Montague grammar). That is, Miller believes that inserting punctuation into one’s name changes one’s legal status (a rather common pseudolaw practice). Specifically, in what might be termed the most idiotic use-mention fallacy ever committed, he believes that this turns a person into a “prepositional phrase”, as opposed to a citizen, and thus exempts one from having to pay income taxes.

Apparently the government is also seeking to control the population by controlling grammar. Turning yourself into a prepositional phrase is a way to escape. Or so it seems. Getting a clear idea about what Miller thinks is somewhat tricky; sample quote from his website . . .

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PDF Icon_80pxFor more information on the Sovereign Citizen Movement click here to download 6 PDF files from my private collection of research on the Sovereign Citizen topic. Documents include opinions and discussion from the IRS, FBI and law enforcement.

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