Conspiracy Theory Challenge

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  1. Great website. If you had ever been drafted and experimented upon you might take a different
    view of things. There is plenty of FOIA info on MKULTRA, but you are not gonna like it. Just start thinking about how many US military installations there on this planet and how many recruiting stations next to high schools. Then you might listen to the likes of Eisenhower and his “specious” warning about the military industrial complex, or Kennedy’s speech about covert action in this country. If none of these stupid conspiracies have touched you, then I am thankful for you. Sue the government? Good luck with that. I’ve lived within the military industrial complex for 30 years, and your attitude is precisely what will keep the Zio bankers going full steam. I have a question for you: do you know how many military men are killed stateside in military reservations? Look it up, far more are killed/murdered stateside that in our wars of aggression. I worked at an Infantry training center for 18 years. You remind me of the “my country, right or wrong” crowd of the 60s and 70s. One last attempt, listen to Chalmers Johnson, a CIA contractor for many years. Truth does not require belief, and it’s your truth, not mine. Even if you are discrediting outcast conspiracy questioning people like myself, at least you get credit from me for even thinking about it. For me the truth resides in an area of uncertainty and can’t really be nailed down. From where you sit, I’m looney. And I take no insult in that. Best wishes, Hal

  2. Now, where did I put that construction helmet with the aluminum foil taped to it?
    Anyone seen my rubber chicken?

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