More Interesting AIDS Denialists Comments

Myles Power

  • HIV is a scam, never get tested for HIV. If you test positive, they will start you on harmful drugs that will slowly kill your cells and your life. Most drugs prescribed by doctors will hurt your body in the long run, better try natural remedies and eat healthy so you can have a strong immune system. The Drugs companies and the government want people to be sick, not healthy. I t is a huge business. If you are healthy, you will never buy  their drugs an they won’t make money….
  • So…your big deal is to “debunk” an investigative journalist, an MD Director of an institute of human virology research, an MD molecular biologist ,and…a young and smart movie maker that already achieved what you never will in a thousand year , with….a “service manager “of  a kiosk that offer home kits test…ok, now I go and check your next big  “masterpiece”.
  • atacking…

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