Lost Races’ of Man

Via Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – YouTube

In 2003, researchers on the island of Flores in Indonesia made a bizarre discovery: a group of people standing 3 feet tall. But is Homo floresiensis a distinct species? Was there really a race of hobbits?

2 responses

    1. More than likely they are “Twa.”

      The Bantu term Twa (see) is generally translated as “Pygmy”. However, in the Western conception “Pygmies” are short forest people, whereas southern Twa populations do not live in the forest and may not be shorter than the farming/village population, generally not reaching the anthropological definition of “Pygmy” as males averaging less than 150 cm. Outside of the rainforest, the Twa may be taller than the classic Pygmy, and there may be less difference in physical appearance—in some cases none.

      See Wikipedia.

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