False Flag Forest Fires!!!!!

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  1. Ouch! the 1990 version is just as good. The way that I learned it many decades ago, was that contrails, are, a result of heated exhaust when touching a colder temperature atmosphere during flight or heated exhaust touching a moisture laden ambient atmosphere during flight. I was at the time studying for my FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. Covered was bot reciprocating and jet exhaust, and how, the presence of contrails reveal relative position of aircraft, as what happened during World War 2, when Maximum Effort had the kitchen sink flying against Berlin. Within contrails, there will be as part of normal products of hydrocarbon motor fuel waste in the exhaust that will, contain chemicals such as lead used for lubrication of the upper cylinder heads and valves, or kerosene and paraffin used in jet fuel components. The only real harm would come if a person were tied to the stake, like in the movie “A Man Called Horse”, and hundreds of aircraft flew directly above you at full throttle.

    Come to think of it… Where’s that water filter supposed to remove fluoride and everything else? Maybe a food blender or juicer to remove chemtrail chemicals that are in organically grown, “green” fruits and produce. “They” want you to believe everything’s okay, but unless you are processing your chow through a specially filtered food machine like this one right here.., we know.., different.

  2. Haha! Is it only to spray the people who live in or near forests? What about if you live near the beach? I’ll watch out for spraying planes next time 🙂

  3. You know something, I would reblog it, but too many people would take it literally.
    I heard the chem-trail stuff from some people pointing and I look up in the sky. Normal vapor contrails, nothing more. Then they said I secretly work for the government. The latest rubbish is about chem-trails making an electrically charged atmosphere to operate electromagnetic flying crafts and electromagnetic some ironman suit stuff, or Robocop suit.

    1. LOL! I haven’t heard the one about the electrically charged atmosphere! Wow.

        1. The air force book using the word “chemtrails” was a course in chemistry for new pilots. That link you posted wants $142 for a 1998 version of the manual. Here is a PDF copy of the original 1990 version! (26 MB)

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