Did thermite cause a bridge the size of a football field to collapse?

By Mason I. Bilderberg

quick note_150pxJust a quick note.

Somebody forwarded me this story about a highway overpass under construction in Herperia, California that caught fire and collapsed.

The bridge burned:


Then, according to the article, “The blaze caused steel girders to sag into the freeway below.”


“The blaze caused steel girders to sag into the freeway below.”

But wait one second, back up the truck. They’re not fooling me.

Didn’t the 9/11 truthers tell us that fire doesn’t get hot enough to collapse steel structures? Why, yes . . . yes, they did.

So this bridge must’ve been taken down with explosives or  thermite!!!!! Bastards!!!!!

This is a coverup! A false flag! We’re being lied to! We must demand the truth!!!! Who knew and when did they know it?

Wake up sheeple!!!!!!


Original story: Bridge ‘the size of of a football field’ on main freeway from Los Angeles to Las Vegas freeway collapses after construction worker accidentally sets it on fire | Mail Online

5 responses

  1. Again? Is this website passing disinformation?
    You don’t even care to look yourselves on the original story?
    The original story clear states “It’s thought the fire began after a construction worker’s blowtorch ignited the bridge’s wooden supports” !
    Ahahah , this is the way fires can colapse steel structures…
    Of course the bridge was still being built , not yet on the final steel supports.
    What you say about this?

    1. I have no idea. Somebody thought it was worth posting and so there it has sat for over 3 years.

  2. Where some of the confusion came in after 9/11 was due to people thinking steel has to *melt* to fail. The fire was nowhere near hot enough for that, but it didn’t need to be. At around 600C, structural steel has lost about half of its strength, which can certainly lead to failure of a heavy structure. If you had a safety factor of 2:1 before, it’s gone by 600C – and these days 1.4 is a more typical safety factor.

    1. I agree. As far as i’m concerned, those pushing the “melting” argument are being intentionally misleading. Who in their right mind believes steel maintains 100% of its structural integrity right up to the melt point? Nobody can be that ignorant.

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